Addiction in any form is abnormal

"Psychological and physiological dependence on substance or exercise" – is the medical explanation for the concept of addiction. Addiction is unmanageable, strong long lasting for something – unnatural kinky obsession for the things. A person with addiction is called an addict.

Addiction is actually a fluid author on different sides. Physicians and research have stated that each person has some degree of addiction. People who have an awesome suffering or obsession for anything are definitely addicted. Medical research has also revealed other addiction to alcohol, nicotine and drugs.

According to the medical community there are generally two types of drugs. First, there is physical addiction, or physical tendency and psychological addiction. The latter is called artificial addiction.

Drugs: Addiction where the addict will be physically dependent on toxic substances or drugs. People who are addicted to tobacco or smoking suffer from nicotine addiction. Dipsomaniac people suffer from drugs.

Drug addiction literally means addiction to certain drugs. Drug addiction is a special state of addiction caused by drug abuse. Drug abuse is common as drugs are misused – for example cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, opioids (heroin, morphine and cocaine) and laxatives – drugs from the drug addiction. There is discussion about the idea that freely sold substances such as alcohol and nicotine should be classified as hard drugs, as they are both associated with high mortality rates.

Psychological addiction: The term literally means psychologically added to certain things or practices. Sometimes people are very obsessed with practices such as gambling, food, sex, pornography, computer, work, shopping, spending, etc. Hence, as absurd as this may sound, these people actually suffer from drugs, drugs, sex addiction, porn addiction, computer addiction, work addiction, shopping addiction, and spend addiction. People who are addicted to food processing are very busy and overweight are drugs. These people are sometimes called mockingly as "alcohol in food". Narcissism is also a form of addiction.

Artificial addiction is the situation where a patient occurs with poisonous behavior similar to psychological addiction; However, the patient experiences genuine pain or other symptoms in such cases. Normal behavior is reversed as soon as pain has diminished.

Physical dependence on substances like drugs, nicotine addiction and alcohol infection can unfortunately often be catastrophic results.

Addiction in any form is a sign of an abnormal condition that requires immediate treatment. Addiction is a disturbance, but it is treated. There are numerous assistance centers for addiction or rehabilitation centers that provide drugs around the world. Regular drug treatment may include behavioral treatment, medication or a combination of both.

People who experience any symptoms of addiction should go on treatment before their dependence becomes significantly advanced.


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