Addiction – God Can Help You But Do You Believe Him?

You are addicted. You seek God for help. God shows you the answer, but you do not trust him enough to do what he tells you to do. So why do not you trust him? You have not bound him enough.

It's easy to say when your bonds are not strong enough to trust God's voice. That's when you have no passion for his purpose with your life. Because you have no passion, you do not take action and you get a negative response. You generate negative practices, which in turn generate negative symptoms. This negative nature forms a negative destiny that will crystallize under adverse circumstances all around you. Your chance is wasted because you do not move God's Word. You are moving away from your old thinking.

The enemies around you are coming to war in your mind that makes you feel, "I can not. I'm not worthy. I should just surrender." You can not spend all the time with the empire of logic and expect to experience the power of God. Verbal logic is contrary to faith. Secular logic says "You can stop doing drugs but you will always be an addict". God says, "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new beast, the old things went away, see, new things have come." (2 Corinthians 5:17, NASB) Who will you believe?

If your main diet is world logic, you will not have strong faith in God, because when the time has come to step into faith, you are weak and weak. You can not stand the attack.

You also know that you do not have contact with God if you have breathing. "You cry, you fight, you stumble, you cheat and you'll even steal to meet your needs (James 1). It's a relationship, there will be trust, power, and lubrication.

When you believe in God, you can Do it when you hear your voice. Faith moves without physical evidence. The action that acts in the faith (taking action) produces the outside evidence. This is where you can easily fall down. Addiction has made my life miserable. do the same. "God gives us water, do what we want you to do, and then we'll worship you." Did you know your parents gave you content before you do what they say? I do not hope. 19659002] God wants you to worship and obey him so that he can gain wisdom to your needs. It is in worship that you learn to trust him – to do what he says to do. u must learn to trust God's Word until he gives you a picture of what to do indoors. The trust that he has shown you more than how you feel or what you see outside of you.

Those who take a calculated risk and step out are those who have decided to trust God more than their feelings, more than what they see. It is courage to be a religious group. You have to be ready to fall though. Matthew 10:39 says, "If you get stuck with your life, you'll lose it, but if you give me it, you'll save it" (TLB).

You do not know, but it's not your addiction that you have the life or lifestyle you will not let go of. But God can only help you if you're ready to let go of all your life. He wants all of you. Only when you trust him enough to give him everything you have and everything you are, then and only then, he can help you get rid of your addiction and live your best life ever.

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