Addiction, constraints or simply bad habits?

Addiction has somehow become such umbrella treatment to become almost useless for both the medical community and the clients they serve. Addiction was, and still is, a term used for metabolism that has developed physical dependence on either alcohol or drugs. AA begins to refer to addiction as a disease in 1930 to remove the disorder and the consequence that addicts were simply abusive who were morally weak. This was helpful in getting people to recover and getting sober, as a disease is much easier to cope with the moral failure of scary issues. When the shame was removed, there was a real improvement in life.

Unfortunately, addiction now appears to be confused with compulsive behavior or the British are still prominently referred to as bad habits. Forced behavior is defined as a behavior that an individual is unhappy with but can not stop doing. The most familiar example of this is obsessive obsession (OCD) that simply can not stop washing their hands out of fear of germs. Or a hoarder who has so much litter in the house that there is literally no room for the residents. Addiction can have people who are dissatisfied with their drugs, but it is not obsessive behavior in this sense: The material has been introduced to the body to change physiological responses, which end up in the overall chain of psychological and emotional complications. Compulsive behavior involves a serious emotional or psychological disturbance caused by some internal rather than external promotional content.

A bad habit is a phrase that has become the rumor of the four-letter word in both pop culture and treatment. Yet most of those who now refer to as "addiction" are simply bad practices. Common example: nobody is actually addicted to chocolate. It tastes truly wonderful and it is pleasing to be safe harmless, even if it is overrated. Yes, it affects blood sugar levels and it is a problem for diabetes, but for most of us it is as much increased weight right where we do not want. While it's fun, it simply does not have the same actions on the mind or body as an addictive drug. To put it in context: Who has ever heard of a self-declared "Chocoholic" who robbed a pharmacy from the University of M & Ms? Or abused his child after taking a moisturizer of Reese peanut butterflies? Calling something this trivial addiction allows those who want to change behavior that is quite easy to change. It is also marginalizing those who fight against alcohol abuse.

Development and profitability now dictate that sex can also be classified as addiction. Sex is usually a natural, healthy part of human animals. By calling for a certain sexual tendency, addiction, sexual behavior that is not necessarily abnormal or unusual is so bad. People with true compulsive behavior in terms of sex are rare: they consist of about 1 – 2% of the population. Only being uncomfortable or dislike a porn porn habit is not an indication of sexual desire or sexual addiction by a spouse. More likely it is an indication of sexual curiosity or boredom on the part of the offender, nothing more or nothing less.

Serial extinction is not a sexual addiction (in the majority of cases) but usually a sign of problematic problems within the Union. A woman who has sex without a single relationship or as a cheat on a spouse is now lucky with the sign "sex addict." This therapeutic equivalent to lacrimal disease from the brand "sex addict" is in trouble at best. Judge behavior that came under narrowly defined thoughts, "Sexual Addiction" implies what real issues may be for moral methods that do not comply with conservative Judo-Christian sexual norms. This how sex addiction has become a real money maker for therapists who support this review of relationships and postponement to customers.

In order for the medical community to remain relevant and really useful to customers, the real disagreement between drugs, compulsions and bad habits must be rebuilt. True addiction is a very serious company, which can be life-threatening. Constraints could also be very serious but probably not. Bad habits are simply that. Proper treatment should be based on these disputes. The release of the pop culture community on these terms ensures the right treatment and effective solution to the actual matter of the client. In other words, rehab is not a need for chocolate or some dirty images on a laptop seat.


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