Addiction – Change the drug of choice

There are some addictions that are less fatal than others. If you just have to change "your choice of medicine" (instead of recovering from all drugs) do it shop, exercise or attend. Remember, none of them is a problem in itself, in fact, most of us do all of them on a regular basis. That's when they become our reason for living, taking over our lives and causing conflict, chaos and destruction, that they are a problem.

Everyone knows that an alcoholic or addict who ceases to use the typical thought device, and "recovered", either by using a support group, treatment center or just "white-blooded" to get through the day without getting hair. Soon, this addict is gaining weight, or the opposite becomes poisonous (more about this in the future), smoking more cigarettes than before, or possibly spending all the extra money on buying "stuff". What's going on? Is this a recovery? Well, not really. True, I do not know anyone who ends in prison from overheating or shopping or even smoking. But the cigarettes and food is one way of early death due to health consequences. More importantly, they are a way to prevent a feeling. If we get emotions with anything – drugs, food, even cigarettes, we lose the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Okay, how is the exercise other than good? One example of a competitive Triathlete I know is this: when her children were teenagers and she had divorced, she and her children were in a lot of emotional pain. The kids would fight with each other and with her, unable to express their grief and anger about their parents; no one knew how to "recover" from this divorce and keep it from causing more destruction in his life. They did not get help from counseling, support groups or elsewhere. Mom, not having tools to help her children through this time, just took off her bike when the children started fighting. She later said that it was a very destructive way in which she was using motion. She eventually helped her so she could help her children.

On the other hand, another triangular mother put their kids and their needs first and tailored their own exercises around their needs and activities. It is important to do both … meet our own needs and our children. Both mothers were competitive athletes; one helped their children learn to deal with emotions, let them know they were important and were still a model to take care of themselves and then another great example for our children to see.

Thus, you can learn to be present, not mind-edited or obsessive with anything. You can use food and exercise appropriately and get in touch with your own feelings and needs!

If you are replacing drugs, consider a choice: Get a recovery from the addiction instead of going back and forth between "drugs."


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