Addiction – are we born as addicts?

As alcohol, my "ignition" was the substance C2H5OH. Or to give it a common name; alcohol. Addiction is still, and I always believe, but a certain medium can change. Fortunately, I changed my mind in time. This can help you identify and how to make it work for you if you are properly treated.

Addiction is a personality feature of "rubber stamped" on each individual DNA. It is a behavior that can take many forms and with some more than one form. The extent to which addiction is also personal, with some it is minimal and others are excessive. Addiction will be a problem when the effects of addiction adversely affect the individuals who dominate or affect the effects of those around them. When awakened moments are planned with the subconscious mind around the addiction in mind.

It starts when we are very young. Children do not have to have the world's problems on their shoulders. They do not worry and panic over unpaid bills or rising prices. Yet they find their first "lame", their first "stress-relieving", when they discover a dummy. In the United States, they even attach the name "huggar", as well as to reinvest the magical effect of this latex molded plastic has. Even if the child could speak and communicate, it does not mean that if the momentarily crying is to reunite with the magic insult. Sometimes the "thing" is not a plastic game; It's the corner of a blanket or handful of sticks that comes with the pair: thumb. Because of addictions, it is anxious, and it's time to stop being in trouble. Do you want to say addiction? Egypt is used to?

When we fire, and before we have the opportunity to try new ones and experience new conditions, it's likely to find more things to satisfy the addiction prominently. Smokers are not generally addicted to the first blow, but before they know it, they try to stop becoming the hardest they have ever done. And even when they do, they must find a "deputy" to take their place. Confectionery, mints, chewing gum, etc. For others, it goes to the gym, or shopping or chocolate. For some, it's not even as obvious as they, as it's not a "stuff" thing, more than a pattern of behavior. Doing the same, at the same time, on the same day, every day, becomes their "hugger". Violence or putting them in a situation where it can not happen is in the case of a smoker that expires and the stores are closed for days or in my case 2 years ago to drink all of the Vodka night before and have no or the following morning.

Recognize your dependence, anyway, is the first step to reorganizing what you have or what you do, excess or your health. Then spread the appetizer over some useful things.


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