Addiction and Submission – Why do we have to recognize the weakness of our addiction?

Are you ready to stop drinking and using? Are you calling all your willpower and stop for a while than then? Or maybe you can not manage your gambling, eaten, traded, sexual activity … If you're addicted to the content or have a compulsive behavior that you can not get under control, it's important to get to the job that you can not do it alone. The first step must be to acknowledge that you are weak in your addiction.

Addicts must be open for guidance from something greater than they are, as their addiction is greater than they are. In order to get lost, they need to let go, see that they are powerless and give up their attitude to higher power or god as they understand that God is.

But if someone can not work with the concept of God, they can, at least in the beginning, think of God as a "bunch of drowsiness or drugs." In other words, a recovery support group can provide support and motivation addicts need. For me personally, what has worked, and continues to work for me, is the idea of ​​giving up to HP – to higher energy, or I want to use the term Higher Presence. Delivery to HP does not have to be overlooked by the will of man and the life of God for certain religions. It can also simply be a desire to take a new life.

The only act of delivery of management connects us with power that is greater than us and our addiction. No matter what direction we choose, the foundation of this act is to surrender to our self-the only thing that got us into trouble in the first place. Our own is always coming from fear, lack of confidence and desire to be in control. This is what takes us down. 12-step literature talks about the need to deflate the self in order for an addict to get lost and find peace and peace.

When we give up, we do not know how things are going to turn out. Abandonment requires religion that involves proceeding without proof. We just left, turn our situation over to HP, and do the next right thing – take the next step. It's not about being idle or fatal. Submission involves deliberately taking action. It requires us to lose our attachment to opportunities and put our trust in the process. When we do this, we open up opportunities that are greater than we could ever imagine or create for ourselves.

In twelve steps you can summarize the first three steps as: I can not; power more than I can I think I'll turn it over. It does not matter what addiction is – the first step for addicts is to recognize their weakness and then turn their lives over to their Higher Understanding. And then step three, "I think I'll turn it over" means I'll go out of my way, stop doing things like I always have and stop trying to control everything.

Forgive does not mean that anyone is responsible for his or her actions or does not need to take action. Indeed, the opposite is true. Attitudes for the first time in their lives, addicts need to take full responsibility for their actions. As the first action step in finding recovery they must reach and ask for help. And then they need to continue to take action – go to a meeting, find sponsors, go to treatment … what's next, indicated a step for them.

The recovery recovery begins with the first submission, but it is also an ongoing approach to giving up my self and trusting HP when we face challenges. The more we do this, the more we can experience happiness, joy and freedom.


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