Addiction and recovery – drink or use dreams as an ordinary part of recovery

When you drink or use a dream, you can not really wake up to know if it actually happened. Many at the beginning of recovery find it disturbing and scary when they experience "using" a dream. Drinking and using dreams are this dream where the main theme or experience is drinking or using. Common examples include being tempted to drink or use other drugs, feelings or feelings you have used or experienced in drinking and / or use, or by avoiding drinking or using.

These dreams can become so real that when they wake up, they can make you confused if you really used. They can also set the interrupt tone for the day. It may involve an uneasiness that creates or increases anxiety, tension or stress. You may even have trouble telling others that you have drunk or used a dream.

These awesome dreams are the normal part of the healing process and do not mean you're not working well. The more days, weeks and months you keep from alcohol and other creative drugs, the fewer you drink or use dreams you will have.

Take care after drinking or using a dream to prevent other clues or calls and to treat the dream that turn on or turn on your own. Drinking and / or using dreams that occur during later recovery after prolonged withdrawal may potentially indicate increased vulnerability to backlash. One should maintain awareness of potential callers and utilize the necessary recovery factors.

However, it is quite common for people to drink / use dreams around their recovery, especially in the early years. It is important to avoid shaming or teaching yourself if you feel drinking or drinking. Although consciousness is required, do not drink / use dreams do not signal failure in recovery recovery.

As with any increase in callers or clues, people should recover using good power management, such as those listed below:

  • launch meeting meeting
  • maintain appropriate scheduled regular use
  • use appropriate
  • treat stress appropriately
  • deal with feelings appropriately when they appear
  • make a good choice of people, places and things you spend time with

] Drinking and / or using dreams does not have to be a problem for you. It is important to keep in mind that they are not teaching you. They are actually a normal part of recovery (especially early). They can also serve as a signal to pay attention.


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