Addiction and delivery systems – are they the same?

Often, when we think about addiction, we think of radical, catastrophic situations where someone can not control their desire to use drugs or alcohol. We could form a homeless person, or living in a dept, or just just miserable. Well, but these images can be real, the truth is – we all have a tendency to addictive behavior.

I think everyone is addicted to something. We all have our own issues, and that's how we deal with those who generally create these behaviors (or tendencies). It is within all of us to live intelligent life, or vice versa, to live inadequate life.

This is not to say that alcoholism and / or drugs are not a disease. What we are looking at is a common, but unique way, we all deal with life and the application of tactical actions in our behavior and then show uselessness.

As we live our experience, we have learned (usually in our years) how to feel safe. We learn what "safe" is; Our interpretation of "safe", that is. It means that through our perception, belief system, values, etc. We decide for ourselves how it feels "feel good".

When we do not feel well, we want to feel comfortable. At this point we try things (either that we will learn unconsciously or unconsciously) that will help us feel well. Sometimes we try things we've never tried before, as well.

Now, if the action we took makes us better or "good" we've learned a way to feel "safe". Before, unconsciously, we begin to associate this action (or behavior) by feeling better. So, next time we feel safe, we'll do this again.

Soon it will be used to it. And as the routine is created, the addiction is created. And it grows and grows, of course, of course, until we are very addicted to something.

As previously stated, do not have to be occupied by drugs for alcohol and alcohol. Some people are addicted to: TV, reading, walking, exercise, eating, smoking (could there be drugs there), the internet, celebrities, relationships (do not want to be "single"), driving, coffee drug?), Etc.

Say you're well and you take a long walk. After the trip you feel much better. So next time you go down, you go back. And again you feel better. You unconsciously begin to connect you back to your comfort area by walking.

Then you decide (possibly unknowingly) to enter the system and get started before you get down. Then you start walking. The next thing you know, you have a pile of laundry, a sink full of dishes and messy houses. But you think you've done good things because you're not humiliating.

Yes, you're back in your comfort zone. And you do not feel down. However, the threshold in your life is what stress it created, first of all, at the same level. If something should happen to prevent you from walking, we would not be able to cope with this stress carefully.

The thresholds we have within ours can be seen as the limits of our comfort zone. When we are outside this comfort area, we find uncomfortable. Without learning to stretch and increase your abilities, this threshold will be the same.

Other things to keep in mind when considering these remedies or methods are the awareness. You are probably not even aware (or aware) of what you are doing when you take these actions as "related" to stress. You just know you're okay.

When you can become aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it, you can see (internal) your inner presentation and change them for the better. In other words, you can create a new reality for you and increase your comfort area, thus raising your threshold for pressure in your life.

The basis of this explanation lies in the tendency that we must all become unaware of what we are doing and, more importantly, what we are thinking. Once you've gone through your life, you've learned beliefs, values, and certain methods of dealing with (which can be tied to "tactics to deal with"). This inner representation of the world and your life experience, determine largely what is happening in your life.

So, for example, once you've learned a strategy that can take a long walk and feel better, you're preventing dealing with the matter. At this point it is not harmful. It will be harmful when you rely on hardware or policies to make you feel better. Then you have to take a long walk to find "better" – maybe you can even reach the level you feel only happy when you take long walks.

Being aware, monitoring your thoughts and actions and raising your threshold will help everyone reduce the tendency to gain weight towards addictive behaviors or actions.


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