Abraham-Hicks Placemat Process – A Time & Stress Management Tool to Put Multi-Tasking Instead of

Have you ever felt the pressure to do too many things at once? Do you feel surprised by your endless comedy lists? If you have not found it yet, let me introduce you to Abraham-Hicks Placemat Process. It's an amazing solution to "overloading and not enough time to do that" problem.

The idea is that you can only do it a lot. Go out for it, and that's all behind. The work is done shoddily and can come back to spoiling you. You may get sick of overdoing, so you can not even do much more anymore.

We are responsible for ourselves and everyone else, and it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves. The Placemat Process helps us do it.

How does it work?

1. Take paper, roughly the size of the paper plate (that's where the name comes from) or any size large enough to do your artwork.

2. Divide it into two sides, left and right.

3. On the left side, write: Things I'll do today.

4. On the right side, write: Things I will turn over to the universe.

5. Then choose some of the things you need to do today from the artwork and write them in your column. Make sure you choose just as many as you can comfortably do that day within a reasonable time.

6. Put the rest of yours to make a list in another column.

7. Do the tasks next to it.

8. Enjoy completing part of the task list.

9. Pay attention to the items that evaporate or take care of themselves on the other side.

10. Repeat the next day.

It will reduce your stress almost instantly and can enjoy doing what you really need to do and a sense of success that draws you very wrong to continue with the traditional traditional endless and ever-increasing list .

You can read more about the Abraham-Hicks Place food process and many other useful processes in the books Jerry and Esther Hicks, especially in "Ask and It's Given."

And as you continue to do this eating process, you find the miracles appear to happen. According to Abraham, you can find that what you've turned into the universe will be done faster than those you've assigned to. Obviously you are not meant to do anything. So do some, and take the time to enjoy your life too. You find that this will give you a great stress boost too.


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