A Total Stress Management Guide for Nurses

Prime Minister: Dear sister. I'm right to pay me humble tributes to you and your profession and express gratitude on behalf of all those you serve. Greetings are such a profession as there is virtually no risk of the sacrifice you make. Most of you work hard; in domestic and employment I really admire your patience and greet you for the same. In fact, you are the chosen ones of the Almighty and therefore privileged.

Secondly, I would like to congratulate you on gaining expertise that is so valuable in healing the weak humanity.

Now before I go ahead, I'm worried that you might have known a lot more than the contents of this book. You may also be practicing Total Stress Management better than me and you could already be healthier than I do in every possible way. But it's my humble effort to share with you what I understand and try to practice!

Given the importance of patient care and taking into account the most stressful conditions you need to go through, it's important that someone cares for you and your health! Thank you so much for your concern about your well-being and, instead of blindly believing or rejecting blindness, review this content with open mind, confirm and accept or decline based on your own experience.

Total Pressure Management For Nurses Working In Critical Disadvantaged Patients.

It is good to estimate that Total Stress Management requires two aspects to be handled. First; you and the other is your environment. Let us consider the first part ie. you. There are five factors to be! They are spiritual, intellectual, emotional, natural and physical! It is unnecessary to explain that these are not waterproof compartments and the classification is for the purpose of being simple in understanding. Thus, Total Stress Management involves integrating these five aspects of your personality!

Spiritual health!
When you work with patients who require critical care, you are faced with tremors, anxiety, fear, worry and restlessness. You need generous spiritual strength in such a situation. I'm sure you do not lack spiritual strength. But one simple way to nurture or develop a spiritual aspect is to think of the concept of unconditional recognition, love and respect for yourself. This helps you explore life, ie spiritual power within you. Calling this power in you is also called as exploring your doctor.

Learn to recognize, love and respect yourself, unconditional. This is possible in two ways. One is through conscious endeavors and the other is through the traditional practice of NAMASMARAN, ie. to mention God's name or the specialist.

Namasmaran is a simple way to grow from within. However, it is ironically that it is hard to practice it as there are simple and inexpensive people [including me]! It seems too simple and therefore unable to nourish us spiritually! But I think that spiritual growth can really be possible through the Namasmaran and it can increase the healing power within you.

How to evaluate your mental health?

There are several conditions that you can evaluate your mental health and develop it further.

One benchmark is the point of view of international welfare. You start thinking and wishing your best for one and everything! This strengthens you in your own right.

Another criterion is fearless. It is true that by practicing and experiencing, most fearless even become unpleasant terrible situations. But fearless because of spiritual growth is insignificant, ie. without any deterioration and she is free from carelessness!

Another reference is spoken to you.
One of the signs of spiritual growth is a viable word. Your words will naturally promote. You do not have to grow or artificially do it!

One more benchmark is your look. Your face and body reflects natural affection and caring. Your presence and contact start curing your patient. In other words, begin to promote happiness to come from all sides of your existence.

It must be clear that depression and melancholy are contagious. Pain and misery can also be contagious. They can eliminate you without being aware of it. Here you have the power to help you and everyone around [patients, their relatives, other patients, your collections and even the doctors] to overcome stress!

Spiritual growth is also important because it gradually decreases the two most important causes of stress viz. pettiness and superbity. Pettiness and privilege create infinite problems that can really harm you. Here's another one of the mental health guidelines of broad minds and depthlessness, obviously, not to be disturbed by trivial matters!

For mental growth or mental health or to check your doctor, AUTOSUGGESTIONS can also help. But avoiding involuntary automatic suggestions; as you can get trapped in your own small dose or even mean ideas.

Autosuggestions are based on significant philosophical insights. They are of great value.

A] I will not be angry or sad today because it's about past times.
B] I will not worry or get restless because it's a future that could not happen.
C] I will thank nature or God for the charges, because they are often divorced and not looking.
D] I must respect all, because an international unit is a real reality and God is present in all.
E] I will be obliged to fulfill my duties because honesty involves exploring a universally beneficial part of my work and it would prevent thinking from thinking about genuine and genuine glamor elsewhere.

You must know different prayers, hymns, bhajan, kirtan, pooja, dance meditation, laughing meditation and many other worship. You may or may not exercise one or more of them as you choose, like, cave or faithful.

Now let's understand the role of intelligence in spiritual health by example.

Imagine a swimming pool, with facilities in a beautiful diving table. Imagine beautiful steps to reach that diving table. Imagine you can not swim unless you dive! Now swimming in the pool after diving is great and enjoying spiritual health. The steps to achieve these scuba diving tables are like common sense or intelligence. Those who do not climb the steps obviously can not swim. Irrationality and blind faith are obstacles to gaining mental health. Similarly, those who climb the steps can reach the diving board, but do not jump because they can not swim. They are imprisoned in their own intellectual framework. They do not realize their limitations. They are blind to millions of possibilities, which are beyond their range of own intelligence. Such an intellectual imprisonment is also a barrier to gaining mental health. Climb the steps, get your scuba diving table and jump it [getting freed from the enslaving shackles of one's own paradigms and intellectual frames] help you stay spiritually unhealthy.

Intellectual Property

Now it must be clear how all other aspects of your personality would begin to foster good spiritual growth. Spiritual strength is like the juice of life. Through the crystal clear core spring; internationally useful thoughts and plans! For a moment, I may sound too theoretical, ethical or even inefficient or dreamy. But as you actually flourish more and more from within, you'll realize endless dimensions of intellectual property and your creative potential. You increasingly measure the clarity of the role you can play on your own in international welfare. This consciousness is fountainhead mental health!

It creates intellectual knowledge and physical activity that is inherently of intellectual health. Then you will go for yourself, knowing perfectly that the world is so great.

Now you would start participating and be interested in the job much more. You get a lot more motivated to learn the delusions of the job. Your expertise and efficiency starts multiplying. In the midst of humility; You get bored and curious. Even if asking questions is a royal way of intellectual health, reading books and literature on public management are very important and absolutely necessary!

Your intellectual strength allows you to exchange the most important tasks for you by your bosses. This process automatically makes you confident and easy. Because of your knowledge; each one starts to need you, loves you, honors you honestly and respects you too. Because you are knowledgeable, you are not yet deceiving questions from younger children and patients. You do not have any new questions from patients & # 39; relatives. This is how all the working environment is filled up with interest, and above all; cordiality.

However, intellectual health can be further mutated and flourished by conquering especially high-tech lifestyle, "single-up" ship, knowledge of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, etc. all increased stress.

1. Accept hi-tech lifestyle with a sense of proportion and with regard to the comfort that it would give you.
2. One ship ship or competition should be approved to achieve excellent quality. If there are petty wars, they can destroy your happiness easily.
3. Knowledge of diseases can cause deep effects on mind and lead to nervous and phobia. These phobias can damage life completely. Therefore, it is necessary to "ride" over knowledge! Here, spiritual health can really help you because negative thoughts are actually taken over by spiritual happiness, (though it's not easy!). Second, you must learn to appreciate that all we read or know is not done by itself. Even though the information about the diseases is correct, the human spirit is unbeatable and "correcter"! Here you can not hang down and focus on threatening information about diseases that are released, broadcast or broadcast, either in scientific journals, text books or in the media.

Cope with the explosion of information properly, makes you humble and realistic too!

This is well demonstrated in the anecdote of three monkeys Mahatma Gandhi. After reading or hearing about these three monkeys, there's a tendency to ask, "Why should not I hear, see or speak badly if I'm convinced? Is not it hypocrisy?" The answer is simple but very useful in gaining mental health!

What we hear and interpret is the case of a limited number of hearing and seeing and limitations on the processing of this information based on past experience, in our brain. Here is the feeling that it is the truth and declares that it is unrealistic and arrogant. It's misleading. That's why we should and if not at all. humbly as our "impression" and do not argue that there is absolute truth.
Understanding this system gives you knowledge of a sensible [intellectual] error that results in stress and correction.

Intellectual Property Agency appears in global interests, appointments, plans and actions in the field, which would not only blossom patients but everyone involved in healthcare. directly or indirectly!

Emotional health

Everyone knows different positive and negative emotions. It is very easy to say that we should overcome fear, anger, hatred, depression, jealousy, etc. It's also very easy to express positive emotions like peace, happiness, love and so on.

But important difficulties are actually able to do that?

Human brain itself is such that the parts involved in emotions are strictly under the control of things that lead to thought! In addition, it is not clear about brain parts [if any] related to spiritual growth. Here even as mental health and intellectual health can materially dispense with many emotional fluctuations, most emotions do not always follow spiritual and subjective processes. They have high independence and fluctuations. Here, additional special measures must be taken to foster emotional health.

We must understand here that emotional health depends greatly on the health of our lining and self-nervous system, although it is to some extent affected by the central nervous system and hormonal activity.

Now, what is the practical importance of these facts? Importantly, we can practice pranayamas to show off these things and get a lot of emotional health!

CAPE means forehead and BATCH means light or brightness. You should act actively and moderately with high blood pressure and you have to make your inspiration passively. Make it rhythmic but not fierce. Count the stroke. Practice about twenty strokes initially and gradually increase numbers up to five hundred to one thousand in a convenient way.

Do not exercise after eating food. Do not exercise if you have a wound [eg surgery] breast, fluid or some inflammatory disease in your abdomen. Do not exercise during pregnancy.

Initially, you might find it a bit difficult, but a few days of practice would make you comfortable. I would not want to make any long demands. But you can find out if you lose weight, feel energetic, feel well, feel younger or no. In addition, find out where you have stopped palpitating in minor adversity or imaginary fear. Verify if unwanted snapshot stops or not. Find out when you get any benefits of lipid or blood sugar. Emotional health has clearly cut a positive impact on your normal and physical health. This can be called byproducts of emotional health!

Marking BHASTRIKA is belgir. You must breathe in and out with vigorously imitating the action of the bellows. The bug on the bellows is essential but it is important to avoid jerking.

Do not practice at least five after food. Do not exercise if breast, fluid, ulcer or swelling of any kind in the chest or abdomen. Do not exercise during pregnancy. CAPAL BATCH AND HAZARDS if used with caution may help with the onset of certain malignancies.

UJJAYI means victory. Breathe out slowly, vigorously and completely. Now, partially contract your larynx, ie. the area on the voice card and breathe in with a loud pitch in the blowing sound. There are no provisions and restrictions for UJJAYI unless there is damage to the respiratory tract itself.

BHRAMARI means associated BRAMAR, which means that it is a familiar insect that sucks honey from flowers that makes a typical, powerful sound while flying. Since you produce similar sounds in this pranayama, it is called BHRMARI.

Hold your forefinger on the forehead, middle and lap fingers in the eyes and small fingers under the eyes and thumbs that push your ears and breath at maximum without the dirt and then exhale slowly through the voice and nasal mucosa that causes the sounding sound through the shutdown you. The muscles that are produced from within have a healing and refreshing effect on everything inside the head!

Breathe through one nostril and breathe out through the opposite nostril. Now inhale the opposite nostril and breathe out through the original nostril. This is one cycle. You can repeat this ten to twenty times as per your convenience. Do not give jerks. Do not exercise after food for at least three hours.

You can practice three pranayamas during pregnancy or other abdominal or breast conditions. You can practice them in a sitting or any position. In this pranayama, where breathlessness is not advocated, you can practice it even when you travel. Make sure that this technology leads to emotional health with some extra benefits to your physical health.

We have focused on our physical health and physical health to overcome the unpleasant emotions and consequences of emotional disorders (eg abundance, annoying, nausea, disgusting perception of stomach, duodenum, ileum, upright, sigmoid and descending colon, rectal respiratory diseases, bladder, uterine, ovaries, muscles, complete, tendons, ligaments, joints, veins, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, menstrual menopause etc.)

Few simple tips that can be added to many more according to your experience can promote your emotional health even though they are not necessary.

You have to sleep well or you will be annoyed. Take sufficient rest as other tiredness makes you depressed, withdrawn and negative.

Check the purity of dirty viruses due to various reasons can cause allergies, infections, psoriasis, jaw planus and other skin irritations. They can really interfere with you and make you miserable.

Use suitable, comfortable and appropriate clothes as bad clothes can cause difficulty with your movements. It can spoil your body's image and self-esteem. Malicious clothes distract your attention and reduce your effectiveness. Use natural ointment and pleasant colors to save the atmosphere and make it cheerful. Ornaments and cosmetics can also be a "neat" role in gaining good emotional health!

Try to practice after some points and see if you start feeling better. My experience says so.

1] You can blame the atmosphere by giving people the right kindness and giving them the appropriate gifts. Because you must receive them unconditionally, love and respect them. Pay attention to them and their torments with total focus. Such a bond actually benefits you. When you see gratitude and comfort, your emotional health begins to improve.
2] Your patients need your love. They do not appreciate condemnation, criticism, and judgment.
3] Thank you people. Always finish with words like THANK and GOOD etc. You give gratitude if you give!
4] Sorry very and naturally for even so-called small mistakes and errors.
5] Always say that you agree during talks, even if you do not. At the beginning of the discussion, you can convince yourself.
6] Time for certain interests, such as music, knitting, painting, etc. So there is no monotony and you can enjoy the variety!
7] Find the level of satisfaction of its strength, its length and its impact on society. This certainly helps you decide what's more important than the other. This is called PRIORITIZATION.

When thinking or feeling or action is judged as the most important goal, it will be easy to ASSERT yourself. After you receive, just regret the moment of nausea of ​​maximum strength, length and it was temporarily beneficial to others. Renew ASSERTION and support your priorities. This is POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.

Remember thoughts, emotions, and actions that give you maximum pain that lasts for a long time and hurt or cause others. This would help you to prevent the same in advance and is called NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT. When you regularly perform positive and negative strengthening, the welfare line begins. Wellness cycle means increased experience of active peace, intellectual sharpness, happiness, healthy instincts, and adequate physical activity. QUALITY CYCLE destroys the harmful effects of a cruel cycle or emergency cycle.


Spiritual, intellectual and emotional health is the basis of physical health. But you can also benefit from the following side effects as well!

Biologically, we also human beings, which are in mammals and birds.
These instincts are inseparable in life and largely related to neurological hormone and hormone secretion and metabolism. Here, if instincts are insufficient, stress produced is massive and much more dangerous than just emotional stress and therefore you must overcome "normal stress" to gain physical health!

1] Survival
Survival is the basic instinct. With technology survival has become easier. But with competition for competition, an increase in crimes, fraud, irregularity and corruption, a simple person becomes increasingly insecure. The Life Insurance, Health, Medicine, etc. Increase the risk and further increase the scarcity. The result is an increase in suicide and murder. It is important to be mentally, intellectually, and emotionally strong by learning, teaching and introducing overall management to conquer fears of survival and thus gaining physical health.

2] Hunger and Thirst
They are important to survive. We call instincts because they are very strong drives that determine the behavior. If they are not satisfied, they can solve solutions of unimaginable amounts. Secondly eating and drinking behavior has a huge impact on your health!

a] Do not be spoiled for aggressive advertising campaigns. Use your own decision and rationality.
b] As much as possible home cooking,
c] Avoid too much food such as ice cream, chocolate, deep fried foods, etc. Do not drink excess soft drinks, beer or hard alcohol.
d] Include wheat, patni, nachani, bajara, jawar, corn and also Neem, karela, bell, Amala, ginger, pudina, cocum, tulsi, jamun, cumin milk, butter milk, green vegetable vegetable, salad, seasonal fruit, sprouts, alfalfa [lucern] sprouts and different oils in your diet. Let it be a variation and moderation.

Sexual instincts
Uncommon working hours, excessive time in case of emergency, insomnia, lack of security, etc. can have a negative effect on libido and ability. Fertility, impotence and so many problems can arise and completely spoil your life.

Herd instinct
Horde's requirement is instinct to live together. The animals live or are rather biologically bound to instincts to form herds, go to haywire if they are removed from the flock or lost from the flock. Stay in a good company. What is a good business? A good company is one that reminiscent of and restores your inner power, greatness, divinity and energy, and never draws you to pettiness and excellence!

Habitat in simple terms means the whole atmosphere with which the animals are deeply attached. We should try to relive our childhood and keep our roots alive. They foster us.

Polished grains, white bread, eggs and other non-fibrous foods tend to reduce gastrointestinal fusion and can cause constipation. Still life practices further enhance the situation. So use more fiber in your diet using green vegetables and salad. Take the appropriate exercise regularly.

Experiments in laboratory animals are shown that the restriction of motion causes excessive stress. Uncommon individuals suffer from obesity. You can overcome such stress and gain physical health by walking, jogging, climbing, etc. Practice frequent strolling and switching places often.

Physical Health
What is physical health? The answer is very very simple. But strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, good body weight, good biochemical profiles, the normal workplace of the body, intensity are all important indicators of physical health. From a holistic point of view, not only the condition of your body but the actions of your body; point to physical health. So in short what does your brain make like a part of your body? What do you see or read your eyes? What are the ears to listen to? What are your handles involved? So, you need to ask such questions about all parts of the body so that you get a clear idea of ​​your physical health.

Consider some tips for excellent physical health.

1] Drink a lot of water this morning. You can choose to drink hot water if you have dessert for constipation.

2] Wash your eyes with cold water at least twenty times.

3] Drink a cup of herbal remedies. Herbal juice usually contains Neem, Harada, Karela, Pudina, Amala, Tulsi, Adrak and Rock Salt for your taste. The benefits are many. You must experience them.

4] Massage the gums, palate and the rest of the mouth of the mouth. Use an Ayurvedic toothpaste or brush to brush.

5] It should preferably be cold water. It is rejuvenating. But you can use water that suits you. There are prayers to apply during the morning, during a brush, while the bath stands and for breakfast. You can combine physical and mental development.

6] Exercises: Jogging, Walking, Swimming, Spot, Dance [classical as well as western dance] Surya Namaskar, Yogasana, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Silk weaving exercises, Aikido, sit ups and many air and air exercises, mountaineering is not available all. But you choose some varieties that suits you. There are many exercises that we have thought for stationers. These are puzzles, chakrasana, vrukshasana, brahamudra, exercises that include, neck, shoulders, hands, knees, legs and so on. There are seven exercises that can be used to improve vision and even get rid of specific.

a] Get started slowly and slowly
b] Do not give jerks
c] Watch for joints and ligaments
d] Be careful about preventing fracture
Do not sweat too much
f] It's safer to be in a group
g] Stay rest for a day or two a week.

7] Massage is very useful. It has an inseparable part in emotional sedation. In the evenings the head mass is especially useful. You can do it yourself. You can use Brahmi oil and get additional costs. Massage eyes, face etc.

In the case of workouts, it may not be possible to take it every day. But at least once a week, body massage can make wonders for your health. You can use any oil you choose and also with regard to the season. Massage your feet twice or three times a week. Normal mass ensures the flexibility of small joints and adequate circulation and stimulation of the feet. This is especially useful for diabetics who are more developing vascular disease and damage to the feet, in the form of killing and choking. Wash and massage your face 2-3 times a day. Massage eyebrows and eyelids. Wash my mouth at least three times a day during working hours and brush your teeth at least once. Do exercises like tongue up, down, left right, etc., inside the mouth.

Emotional diseases are reflected in posture. Body after that can affect your feelings. Therefore, erect posture is selected whenever possible. It praises TSM. It's important to sit with your back and loin to touch the seat. This reduces unnecessary strain on the back and reduces the likelihood of back pain.

  • Practice SIMHAMUDRA which involves opening the mouth wide open and stretching the tongue out of the mouth for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Practice BRAHMA MUDRA, where you bend your head on all sides similar to Lord Brahamdev.
  • Practice NASIKAGRA DRISHTI and BHRUMADHYA DRISHTI where you focus your eyes on the nose and middle eyebrows.
  • Practice jaw relaxation because you simply allow jaw to hang. But it's not simple!
  • Make flexibility and elongation of your arms, elbows, hands, fingers, ankles, knees, hip, back, abdomen like when you get time.

To complete, most important is NAMSARMAN and if you can not do anything else at least practice your NAMASMARAN (For maximum benefit and knowing more about NAMASMARAN and other various components of Total Stress Management ).


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