7 Key factors that determine the will in recovery from addiction

Willingness is a big part of recovery and a desire to recover from what kind of addiction is within the person seeking recovery. But what does will mean in terms of recovery? Will be defined as: being willing to do something without being forced; to do something with cooperation and interest in doing something voluntarily. Certainly there are more, but here are only seven factors that determine the will of recovery.

Seven key factors that determine the will to recovery:

1. Be honest: Want to be honest, even if your human nature is different. Integrity recognizing that you are weakness over your addiction is the first step in your recovery.

2. To take action: To take action that involves twelve-level work in the program with a sponsor or mentor, attend regular meetings with support groups and make progress.

3. Trust: Want to trust that your application will deliver the positive results it has delivered to others in recovery. Trust that you will be happy, happy and free.

4. The following: Want to follow recommendations as described in the 12-Points for Recovery that has worked for others before you arrived. Following a recovery plan to be successful.

5. Belief: Want to believe in a power greater than yourself that can restore you to spiritual health. Believe in the power of the group to support a better life.

6. Collaboration: Want to join a recovery group with equal minded people for support. Ancient saying says its security in numbers, this is especially the recovery.

7. Reaching out: Want to reach out to others who still suffer from offering them hope. Spend time and energy, as others have done for you.

These are just seven key factors that determine the will of your recovery from your addiction. In order to get better results from your recovery plan, it's important to know just what you're ready to do to maintain your recovery and benefits.


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