5 actually relaxation strategies for stress design

We all have our own means of reducing stress and anxiety in our own lives, but these are some popular ways to reduce stress that you can try to improve your well-being.


Practicing yoga is one great way to reduce stress. It's so special to give you an hour or an hour and a half windows to escape your day, roll out your yoga peak and enjoy that time. Yoga connects the spirit, mind and body and helps you to be present and focused.


Another great way to relieve stress and anxiety is to walk. The Sunshine Coast has so many beautiful walks to discover, at the beach or in the hinterland. Getting to nature is so relaxing and charging your energy. Take a little deep breath and enjoy the environment. When you are in nature, you can freely pray your attention (where your mind focuses on one thing) to unwanted (since you can know what's going on around you without having zero at all). The Sunshine Coast beach tracks try the Currimundi Foreshore Reserve, Noosa National Park and the Sunshine Coast Coastal Pathway (Point Cartwright to Kawana; Warana to Currimundi; Currimundi to Caloundra; and Caloundra to Golden Beach). Sunshine Coast forest tracks to try are Buderim Forest Park, Kondalillia Falls (Montville) and Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve (Maleny). Truly spoiled for choice! Meditation

Meditation is another great way to reduce stress. When we think of our bodies, we work in a completely opposite way when we are stressed. Heart rate decreases, we begin to take a deep breath, we become calm and peaceful and can cleanse our minds.

Listen to Relaxing Music

Another easy way to relieve stress and anxiety is listening to relaxing music. The next time you get home, choose a piece of music that will relax you. Lock back and relax. This is especially useful if you have children. Watch how the world's mood changes according to the type of music you play.


Finally, it is a very enjoyable way to reduce stress massage. Massage the amount of stress hormones in the body, relax the muscle fibers and stimulate the lumbar system which is the first protection in the body from disease. Massage also calms the nervous system by encouraging the brain to get rid of a substance called endorphin – natural analgesics and creative drugs. No wonder you're feeling well after a massage!


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