4 ways to identify your personal stress

This type of stress comes in when you are talking or making toast publicly. The thought of trouble makes you more eager to be sharp and clear.

However, long-term stress (long-term concern) can often have a very adverse effect on health over the vast majority. In addition to being a known way of depression, prolonged stress increases blood pressure and can cause stroke or heart attack.

Prolonged stress is normal, so it will take some time to get rid of. Specify what makes you one of the first steps you can take to the lighter heart and happier mind.

1. Keep stress diary

Yes, this old chestnut again. Check out all that focuses on you during the day: Traffic, your boss's voice, the painful waiter, the woman cuts when you're already running late. It does not have to be sensible – you just have to keep that in mind. You may also want to score each state on a scale of 1-10, 10 is the most stressful.

The idea is to check how much stress you see every day. Once you've done that, you're likely to realize how much and how quickly you need some stress management technology.

2. Search for Stretch Patterns

After carefully observing it for two weeks, look for a pattern. What has stressed you the most? Was it a snail? & # 39; servant? If so, why? Is it because you were running late? Or was it generally a backward attitude that really irritated you?

If you were running late for a date, just start 10 minutes before. Try it a few times and see if you feel better to get your coffee. If this does not work, simply switch to coffee bars.

The idea is to look at what puts you on a daily basis. Start your day stressed and there's a real zero chance of getting better.

3. Thoughts Disorder Stress Help

Thoughts become emotions very fast, and what follows negative emotions is usually stress and anger. For example: University may have made a comment that sounded nasty and painful for you. You failed to cope with it at the moment but now it is in your mind to festering.

You're angry, you feel down, you can not believe you have to work with such a man every single day. You're probably at home losing sleep and can not do anything because it's midnight.

This is a familiar scenario as it happens.

So, when the thought of a "brutal college" comes to mind, cut it off immediately. It will try to come back, so you have to be awake and cut it off again. Choose one of two ways to deal with it. Ask yourself if this college is the person used to making such comments.

If it is final "no" then the comment may have been bad and not intended to reduce you.

Tell yourself that you do not have contact with this university as soon as you can. Prepare a script before you go. The last thing you need is the situation blowing up and causing you more stress.

Say something like "Hey, you said something about my project this morning."

Thus, you will find out if you did it wrong. If you did not, you can tell this person that you will not let any snarky attitude lying down. If they know they are cheated by a certain type of behavior, they are likely to not repeat it.

4. Deep-rooted Stress Triggers

Suppose you have a boss who speaks to you in a certain voice. Others seem to be able to cope with it easily, but try as you can, you just can not stand it and it worsens you daily … and you do not know why.

In cases Like these, it may be useful to go through your stress problem with a counselor. You can do a guided tour with a qualified specialist who can help you figure out each u are particularly sensitive to that tone.

It may be t Hat you were bullied like a kid and something about your boss's voice reminds you of it. The tone may come back to an incident that made you small and unworthy.

Your boss can not really try to do any of these things, but this sound brings back emotions as a mystery and hurting you. Once you have identified the ignition, you can separate your boss from past accidents and you will be able to listen to the voice without being fearful or uneasy.

It's important that you work through these issues with qualified professionals. The app is not replaced instead and in this case it could end up causing more harm.

Stress is a fact of life. There is no way to prevent it so all you can do is to prevent it from hurting you. You've got this far and you'll go on. Better days lie ahead.


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