30 False Faith of Addiction

The key to success in all aspects of your life is making the right choices. And good decision making depends on reliable beliefs. Getting rid of addiction is impossible, if we have false beliefs about addiction problems, because defending the problem is the first step to solve problems. These false views are a big barrier to seeing drugs.

  1. I never became addicted to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc.
  2. My friend covers her addiction for one week; Whenever I want, I can give up my addiction for a week too.
  3. Adding addiction is easy.
  4. My friend tried all methods, but he could not overcome the problem, because I can not overcome my problem too.
  5. To overcome addiction is impossible.
  6. Addiction is a brain disease and nothing I can do about it.
  7. Addiction is a chronic disease, I can only control it.
  8. The only way to recover from my problem is to download twelve levels of addiction recovery groups.
  9. The only way to recover from my problem is to download non-twelve step addiction recovery groups.
  10. The best way to get rid of my problem is to sign up for a 28-day rehab program.
  11. Returning means that treatment has failed.
  12. I am weak about my addiction, because I have a relapse.
  13. I'm worthless because I have addiction.
  14. Drugs must be without discomfort.
  15. Addiction is so difficult.
  16. I did not have to get addiction.
  17. Stupid and crazy people are the most sensitive to drug addiction, alcohol, nicotine, etc.
  18. People who suffer from mental illnesses will lead them to this problem.
  19. It's too late for me to cancel my problem. The damage is done.
  20. Repeat can happen without warning.
  21. Recovery is an event, not a process.
  22. Addiction is treated with treatment behavior, so there must be behavioral problems.
  23. The treatment is one size fits all.
  24. There should be one magic solution for this problem.
  25. You can not handle drugs with medicines because medicines are medicines.
  26. As treatment does not work before, it's probably hopeless and there's no purpose to try again.
  27. When the infection ends, if the addict does not return to addictive behavior, a change in stroke changes to his original healthy condition.
  28. When recovery ends, if the addict does not return to drugs, brain damage caused by addiction is usually after the survival of life.
  29. Individuals must "hit bottom" to succeed.
  30. There should be no drug after completion of medication.


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