10 ways to enjoy your stress more

1. Mentor Method: Think about your favorite character. Someone you love, admire, trust, like a mentor or someone from your spiritual tradition. Simply thinking about them will help you change your focus from stress to the desired responses related to your favorite personality. Also, you do not have to wait to focus on doing this since thinking about your hero always makes you better. Pictures of family and loved ones also help to make sure you do this at work. Think of the happy and / or silly time you've had with these people. Do you feel better when you are not? Good. Now relax, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself more as you read on …

2. Create Concerns and Suspension: Choose a Location for your Career Officer and stay in this place for what you need to worry about. Be serious Get an extract. Be prepared to worry! Just take care of your fruit at the place you have chosen and for the time you have specified. That's right, it's a deadline to shorten / shorten!

When it happens that you're usually worried, go to the area and take care of business. Remember the deadline … 5 minutes maximum. If this does not seem like enough time then you'll be better off worrying in a shorter time! Be yourself about everything else.

Make sure the area is not a place where you spend most of your time or have other people in it. Keep the kitchen and family room as cheerful as possible. The bedroom is asleep and other fun features so that no worries are allowed there. This is for the office, bathroom, car, church meetings, movies, restaurants, etc. Choose only one place for your concern.

3. Use "hello to life" activities to break out of your stress-producing habits. One of my favorite people, Truman Madsen, introduced me to this one. Do something radically different, which is fun. For example, instead of walking / worrying, release someone instead. It's ok to continue worrying but your main focus should be on the orders. You dropped like a kid. It's time to do it again. Not only will you feel better than just thinking how ridiculous you see others who see you jump into your workwear, carry a briefcase and talk to the phone at the same time! At least, it will make others feel better! They may not realize that you are angry or worried. They just think you're nuts.

4. Touch your nose: yes, you heard me. First, get yourself in good state like hilarity. Get laugh and go around a great game. In this maximal satisfaction, touch your nose. Take others into this and make you laugh more and more often to touch your nose as you laugh, elephant, smile. This creates a neurological "anchor" where your brain connects a good feeling of laughing and walking around by touching the nose. In the future, you can simply touch your nose to create good feelings. If you do this a lot, you can learn to enjoy your stress. Warning: Touching other people on your nose when impressed does not help very much so touching your nose only.

5. Hurl and hallucinate: Imagine those you are teaching about your stress. What would they look like if you started to cry on them during the stress episode? Imagine looking at the face when you are cursed with joy. Imagine looking at your in-laws face when you pour into their kitchen. Imagine the look of your boss & # 39; face when you hide on your table. Imagine looking at those who are waiting in line at the grocery store when you cover like a manicure. Need to refresh your romantic life? The next time you're in the midst of romance, you just start crying. Your wife will think you're a foil loaf. Your husband will think you are hotty.

6. Motivate yourself with a good sense of change! Many people encourage bad emotions! Even worse, they often encourage them to do what they do not want or enjoy! Use a funny voice tag to speak inside your head. Use them to talk to others too. Think of the satisfaction of the project, instead of the many steps that are required. Emphasize the benefits of it / why you are doing activity rather than incompatibility associated with it. Emphasize how well it will be with the project and on other things that you enjoy even more.

7. Eat real food that protects your body from stress. Spamming reduces body body to cope with stress. It also weakens the immune system so you are weaker and more vulnerable to injury and / or illness. This is for alcohol and other personalities. Exercise is near the magic sphere or fountain of youth. Make sure you get enough to make a significant difference to your health / fitness. What is the best exercise? Something you enjoy enough to do several times a week for a lifetime.

8. Explain until you feel better. You have been told to postpone bad. You have been told wrong! I'm here to tell you that postponing is one of the greatest talent an individual can develop. Imagine that your life improves by postponing regular answers like anger or distress. I know you want to get mad on your kids and I'm sure they deserve it, but now let's just postpone. We'll be riding on that Saturday or maybe next week. This good junk food starts talking to you … Well, since you are an procrastinator, let's delay eating the trash until we are full of eating something healthy and do not want it. I know sometimes you're a tough day and people are not sensitive to your needs, but since you can postpone so well sometimes we may turn off the decision until the 4th of July or the mother's aunt's birthday.

9. You are special. Start working like that. There is nobody else like you. You are truly unique. Never in the history of our planet has been your second one. There will never be another one in eternal eternity that creates the future. Never. You are some kind of. When God did you simply showed him. Now, do great things. You understand them and are fully qualified.

10. Everyone else is also special. Start treating them accordingly. Everything in # 9 above applies to everyone. Yes, even the bone. The reason they are headlinks is that they do not know how special they are … yet. Your purpose in life might involve teaching them. Remember, we do not come to this planet to fail. We come here to succeed to a great extent to do the right thing for the right reason but have a nice time to help others.


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