Your own help or self-help?

Self-help is what one would identify with programs like alcohol consumption / Anonymous Narcotics, Double Trouble in Recovery, or celebrating recovery to name a few. Self-help books and self-help programs start with a promise that there is a disturbance or challenge to the person who needs to be stuck. There is an approach from weaknesses.

Self-Improvement is the approach that is often found in the business world in your bookstore. It often emphasizes to earn money. Applications like "The Secret" have hurt millions of homes for "hope" one day to be "Bill Gates" rich! However, it comes from the status of "strengths". What's right about the individual and how to make yourself a better person.

As you can see, there are dramatic benefits of both and challenges. So what's the best approach? My opinion is to take the best and leave the rest! Programs like AA work, however, they have created our culture towards them. A ridiculous promise that alcoholics are not like the rest of the world is a mantra. They build this idea on a textual basis. "We learned that we must say, of course, that we were alcoholics. This is the first step in recovery." ALKOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, (The Big Book), p. 30.

It is a dangerous belief system and is completely different from the fact that they do suppose they are different to others. When it comes to drinking alcohol or other thinking changes, we're different. In addition, human beings are people. It has been stated that 85% of adults report that they are from inactive families! But alcohol AA are often highly regarded and protective lifestyles. Could write a book about "comments" from all negative opinions on my blogs or any of my friends blogs when they do not agree with us. The idea of ​​keeping an open mind is reserved for the message from the latest expert group on the cycle i.

AA work s and it works well! However, many people are unnecessary because they refuse to get out of their own way. They have marked "mindset" mentally deep in their minds. They focus on deciding what's wrong rather than focusing on what's right. The key to happiness is to focus on the positive. Have the purpose, keep hope and enjoy the spiritual ways we call life.

The self-improvement movement also has serious flaws. Changing the state of the economy and taking "greed" feelings of people is commonplace. They say that "sex" sells well, it also makes money. Specifically, "achieving the right" building goal is the goal. It is unfortunate that the message is distributed for guidance that appears to be of course nominated experts.

The self-service method works and it works well. It simply sends a wrong message that your life is about your bank account. There are many self-contained books, audio sets and professionals who do not subscribe to this marketing method in their field. The challenge is that the message is overlooked because it is the prevalence of accumulation of wealth.

Tony Robbins is often thrown into the ring as an "encouragement expert". However, study your doctrines and you will have unforgettable methods to promote you who will ban you. "Wake up the giant within" weekly listen, emphasize Neuro Associative Conditioning, learn how to think and change. The late Earl Nightingale, who is considered to be the "Grand Daddy" self-esteem of the movement, brings the message of hope and strength to this day on Audio like "The Strangest Secret" and my favorite "Lead the Field".

Combine these two methods and you have a command to overcome addiction and live a healthy, happy, prosperous, clean and sober life, which is my definition of "Wealth." Addiction recovery methods must be introduced into the 21st century.


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