Who is your self?

What is your self? Most would respond, "well, that's me." Then comes the question, "What am I?" and we're back to "what are you?" We give us many names. I'm Ron. I am a man. I'm an American … and so on. We can use many words to describe us, but do we really know what our self is? Where is our self located? How big is that?

Do you always talk to yourself? If so, who is talking and who is listening? Are you always angry with yourself or disappointed with yourself?

Our self is not a simple concept. Our self is not a singular unit. If we think of our self as the essence of what we are, then our self is not physical to be but a metaphysical one. Metaphysical simply means "not physical." I could (and will) use the word "spiritual" but I do not want you to be confused with religious terms, at least not yet.

Many units of the self have long been known. Have you ever heard someone say, "I'm not yourself today"? Who is he, if he is not himself? In the early twentieth century, Sigmund Freud described himself as an id, ego and superego. Many behavioral scientists have agreed that each one consists of at least three separate "self". Some refer to those who "lower self, middle and higher self." Others use the terms "consciousness, subconsciousness, and superconsciousness." I will use the concepts self, subconscious and higher self because I believe they are more descriptive of each practical neighborhood. Hopefully you will agree.

The various characteristics, actions and communication "even" are fascinating to learn and, more importantly, to control. Before you can learn to control yourself, you need to understand how each one works.

The Ego

The title is your conscious mind. When you decided what to wear today or what to have for breakfast, it was your owner who decided. The property does not have a long memory. It does what needs to be done now – at the moment. That is why we use the word – independently. The property is very independent. It deliberately tries to satisfy the needs of the individual. Or gets and wins information. It uses logical reasoning to solve problems or take action. When you make a conscious decision, you are serving in your own country. When you decide if something is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, new or old; You are using your self-consciousness. The essence can be thought of in the abstract and understood concepts such as love, anger, repentance, jealousy and other emotions.

The Subconscious

Unlike, of course, subconsciousness does not require conscious decisions to enable it to function. In fact, it does not even need your conscious participation. Consciousness controls automated actions like heart beat, breathing, digestion and other physical functions. The property can have special control over the subconscious mind, but only for a limited time for a limited period of time. You can consciously hold your breath, for example, but not for long. Some have the ability to raise or lower pulse rate or blood pressure.

The subconscious does not make decisions but responds to the stimulus given. It is very concrete and does not understand abstract concepts. In today's sense, you can say that it works like a computer because certain actions are programmed to take place when receiving proper management. It can not take jokes (you will see later why this is important). It does not understand the level of the term. It operates in a very "black and white" world.

The subconscious does not know time or space. Something that is programmed into us in our childhood continues to work until it is replaced by new programming.

Actions we do "without thinking" are made by the subconscious mind. Have you ever been aware of something else when you think of something else (to hire yourself) and realize that you do not remember to make a few turns or stop red light?

Your subconscious was driving and assuming you wanted to go where you go normally. If you have decided to quit the grocery store on your way home, this decision was still in the state of the ego and your subconscious did not stop there. Another good example is a secretary. When you are learning to beat yourself, you consciously look at the word and decide which letters to press with any finger. With your experience, your subconscious knows what the key is to enter when he sees a particular letter. A good secretary can write exactly while his conscious idea is to organize the dinner ticket.

Another example is the reaction. For a few days, I took some of my bag while I was drinking my left hand. I accidentally left unopened containers with unbreakable content. My subconscious immediately offered my hands to try to grab the plastic bottle, which causes my food bowl to leak over the floor. A conscious decision would have said, "let go, it will not break" but that's not how the subconscious works.

In addition to many physical-body actions, subconscious mind plays another potentially important role. It is only with the subconscious mind that we can approach our higher self.

The Highest Self

The higher self is the part of the being that is in contact with each other and with the power of the universe. This is where science and religion come together. The presence of "higher energy" has long been recognized. There is a different understanding of this power that causes different religions, church divisions, and religious systems. This power is often called infinite thought, common subconscious, universal thinking, god, chief intelligence, and many other things.

I will deal specifically with the two "connections" of the higher self. First is the connection of all living things. Have you ever seen a video of a fishing school that is broken and suddenly does all the school, each fish, change direction? How did they all know exactly when to turn and in the exact same direction? Leaffish did not turn first and others followed. He did not shout the orders to turn or mark with his fines. There was a spiritual relationship between the fish.

People have the same connection, though it is highly developed in some. The connection is stronger among closely related persons. We have all heard of and possibly experienced an "intuitive mother". "You know somehow" when "your child is hurt or at risk. The connection between some twins is so close that you can get hurt and the other finds pain."

You may have heard the phone call and suddenly "sure" as called. Someone may call and you say, "I was just thinking about you." You might have been in a room and could "understand" someone behind you. I could go on an example but you have probably something you could add.

The connection is either limited by time and space. We have recently heard stories of parents who "knew" as soon as their son or daughter was killed in battle halfway away. Another " knowledge "may refer to future events or events that were not known with a logical explanation. This may explain something that has been called an additional perception of perception because you not learned from one of the five common senses.

This connection is not just between humans and other people. Many people believe they know what their pet is thinking or, in general, the pet knows what they are thinking. Some research in this area is very impressive.

You may not be ready to believe it, but some research studies have shown that some plants respond positively to good words and thoughts and negative to the threat and thoughts about the damage to the plant.

Although science has recognized the spiritual connection between living things, recent evidence indicates that it must not be limited to living.

On the basis of existence, everything, people, thoughts, light, heat, energy, plants; are energy vibration. There is no such thing as solid matter. It's all energy and all energy is connected. What wonder will quantum science detect next?


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