Who are you living?

The inspiration to write this article came when I read Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert – and quote p. 95 was "better to live your own destiny imperfect than to live the imitation of someone else's life with perfection."

How often did you hear that you had to go through this career because your father thought? How often did you try to imitate someone you thought so great that you wanted to be like them? How often have you heard of someone who was a teacher or lawyer and then aged 40 or over, they were following their dream and doing what they would always do – teach, open bed and breakfast or if they were lucky enough to win volunteers .

Why? Very often when we make decisions about what we want to do or to be, it's because of an external impact or because someone else thought we should do it. A young girl could make her mother's dream a model or Miss America. A boy could play baseball because his father never made the team.

Even today, you could act in such a way that your husband / wife / mother / father believes you should be. Maybe you throw the perfect dinner, but you'd rather be outside to have a barbecue. That's not to say we do not all guarantee, we do. However, our first responsibility is to be true to ourselves and to survive the life we ​​really want.

what life are you living with? Do you even know what you want? What makes you happy? We do not trust to drive away, but we're saying STOP, listen to yourself. Take the necessary steps to make your life what you want to live, one that makes you happy.

Okay, it's easy to say – take the necessary steps to make your life what you want! But what are these steps? Think, write, prioritize, eliminate, energy, connect.

1. Think – Whether you want to ponder, sit on the beach or watch a sunset. Set aside 15 minutes (we can all find 15 minutes) and think about who you are, what you are doing and what makes you happy.

2. Write – Now it's time to think. Just write. It may be a calendar, notebook or computer – ask yourself a question and just write. Do not think about what you want to say, just let it flow. At first it could be difficult, nothing could happen but give it a little time and let the words come out.

3.Prioritize – Sometimes we think we are so busy even when we are not. Not getting everything done? Are you thinking about how some seem to be organized and get more things? Make a list of everything you do on a regular basis. Avoid them – what's the need, the need and what's good to be. What is a must? Feeding the child is definitely a must, but it should also be meditation and / or magazine. Make sure you live in time for yourself. I found that when I do not have a priority list, I get so much less than when I see it on paper.

4. Eliminate – get rid of clutter. Clutter can mean an act or part. First, our priority series – eliminate the things you do not have to do or want to do (except to break the child of course). Eliminating "busy work" gives you more time for what you want to do. Things! We live in a very material society where more was used to be better. When you clean out what you do not use, like or want to create more physical space, you are creating more mental or emotional space. The feeling of freedom comes with elimination.

5. Energize – What do you do to fuel and take advantage of? For me it's working out (which I was hate) and massage. They are my fuel. Take the time to think about which fuel you take the time to do it. Remember, it takes 21 days to get used to making it difficult at first, it's become religious.

6. Connect – Everyone needs a community. Sometimes we feel lonely, sometimes we are like being alone (look for our article "Alone vs Lonely"), but we all need people. Look at the people you connect with. How many of them are adding to your life and how many people are emptied? We have all known someone who when we leave them feeling tired and drained. They might have been your closest friend at some point, but maybe not now. What about the one who laughs at your attempts to change your life? Are these the people you want around you?

Take steps to be the one you really want not to happen overnight or even a week or two, but it starts. Take the steps to discover who you want to be and you'll be surprised how your happiness will affect the people in your daily life.


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