What is self-change?

Just what is self-esteem? You see this word bandied about almost everywhere; online, in bookstores and on television. There are countless articles that promise this method or the method of self-improvement, can they really work?

Just to make it worse, there are other terms that seem to mean the same or similar. Terms such as personal development & self-help & # 39; etc. Finally, someone can only feel dizzy and confused. So what's actually "self-improvement"?

Take a step for a moment and look at the two words; self and reform. Does not it seem so simple and obvious? We are talking about making you better. Yet, if we are doing better, does not we mean that we are somehow unlucky or unfit?

I know when I'm physically abnormal, I often say when I feel small, but at other times. These are, however, physical indications; how can we say when & nbsp; self & # 39; is undesirable? Is there any kind of pain in the psyche, any pain in aura or conspiracy in consciousness that we should be aware of?

In fact, few people who start self-esteem are somehow unwell. They are often very lucid, intelligent and thoughtful people who are somehow looking for improvement.

The question we should try to answer is whether we are trying to improve ourselves or to be better than other people. It's my belief that self-esteem is not about trying to be better than anyone else, it's about being better ones. I sometimes worry, though, that people are doing self-esteem as if it were a competition and that the goal is better than your workplaces, your neighbors or your friends.

It's better to start a course or self-improvement program using the current & # 39; self & # 39; as initial value. You can then choose an area "self" or your life you want to add. Forget other people, except for roles or inspirations, you're not competitive with other people, you're just working on yourself and # 39; What it sees would be the very essence of self-esteem.


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