What is mental addiction?

Spiritual addiction is an addiction that is not well known and yet it is common in society.
A person will become addicted to spiritual and seems to be a leading model of life. However, the addiction here is to pursue a high spiritual relationship in order to avoid the pain of life. Spiritual addiction is one of the most difficult addicts to accept and restore, because the situation is mostly unknown and looks, these people seek to live a spiritual life. Also, her hair is very addictive, free and luxurious.

Some people find this festival meeting and it is so different from what they have previously found in their lives that they spend a lot of time and money trying to recreate their experience again. In the real world, outside of the courses and group work, it can be difficult to recreate the feeling.

You can often say if someone is addicted to a spiritual life because it has become what they are. A truly spiritual person has no need for praise, acceptance, approval or belongings – they are truly at peace with oneself and the world. They live on a peaceful road and allow others to be as they are, dramatic. Spiritual addiction (and associated with her sister, faithfulness) is both easy to spot if your person can not talk about anything other than spiritual or religion, and often they try to change your mind. Being spiritual is part of how you choose to live your life, but for addicts it takes over.

Anyone who says they are spiritual and then indulge in judgment, criticism, hatred, bigotry, gossip, self-hatred, materialism, or from a point of view better than or less than anyone else, does not live the truth. We use the word enlightenment so flippantly and ironically it happens so rarely as usual to people who have really given up everything and are in peace with their lives. We put others on the road so fine, yet there is a true spiritual trustworthy privacy, between you and your inner truth. Spiritual addiction is very much about showing others how spiritual and gaining glory from your spiritual life, instead of leading an example.

For some people, the place they call enlightenment is a place that feels like it, but it is not. As with the heroine addict, who believes heroin's hair is the answer, spiritual addiction takes you to a place that prevents you from learning to fully accept the shadow side and everything and learn to find peace on earth.

Many who find it easy to leave the planet in meditation have learned to make it a way to prevent the pain that life causes them. For these people, learning to deal with life on living conditions and facing their pain and working through it is the way to find peace – the rest is a relaxation.

Spiritual addiction is, like any other addiction, cunning, baffling and powerful. If this article has caused a reaction to you, you might try to find out more about addiction. It's not the author's intention to label anyone as an addict – this is something you need to discover for yourself or in counseling. However, we are experiencing major changes in the earth at this time and I think it is a great opportunity to look deep into us and find out what is keeping us from peace and harmony with us and the planet.

If you depend on addiction at all, whether it's a substance, behavior or thought process, spiritual growth is very difficult as your addiction will work very hard to keep you low and suffering – that's what it does, limit yourself and keep you in pain Spiritual growth is about growing, increasing, learning … two do not go together.

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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