What is adrenaline addiction?

Adrenaline addiction, as the name suggests, stems primarily from what can only be referred to as the overuse of adrenaline hormone. Adrenaline addiction experts accept it activation, and adrenaline that brings it is probably the most abused "drug" today. What these experts are referring to when saying we abuse tension is that we are always surrounded by what seems to have overwhelming stimulation so that "exciting doses" that seem to satisfy our exciting levels are always increasing, which, according to them, is quiet dangerous.

For example, review the case with a 26-year-old Chinese man who was found dead in his house after taking part in a game of online gaming marathon that unfortunately he never returned to consciousness.

A majority of people do not realize that the effects of adrenaline are not seen in activity, but before that occurs when adrenaline begins to build. It is this actual performance of the activity that the substance is released, and as the nerve disappears immediately, a person takes steps or starts to perform. If urine of adrenaline is regular enough, ie Daily, weekly, your body can remind you of the feeling that comes with the "clock" and even remind the environment and other reference with the permission of the five senses. This can be released much sooner than expected. For example, it could usually accumulate within fifteen minutes for a real event. This may be uncontrollable initially, however, with frequency frequencies, signals will become apparent.

Finally, a person joins a team, where he or she can call this process by thinking about functionality in any position. It is at this point when the addiction will be risky because it can be difficult to assess the risk that could result from adrenaline rate. Another risk of leaving one in intestinal activity is too much because too much of adrenaline, which is such an activity in our blood vessels, circulates the exposure of such individuals to increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and even a heart attack in severe cases .

In order to understand exactly what an adrenaline addict is, you must first recognize the symptoms of adrenaline addiction. There are a number of things that can help you identify any type of adrenaline addiction you are suffering from. For example, if you are guilty every time you are unfamiliar, you need to realize that you may be a victim of workforce, which is one of the few ways in which adrenaline addiction appears. Workaholic can also occur in obsession to make sure someone is doing something.

Other signs of this disorder are; after diarrhea, obsession with things that have been left behind and restlessness, nervousness and stimulation. Although adrenaline addiction, like other addiction, leads to desire, its withdrawal symptoms are not as obvious as distinguishing it from other narcotic drugs.

There is no doubt that we are surrounded by gadgets and activities that are intended to affect the spread of satisfaction centers in the brain. Otherwise what can be said about video games and the most amazing internet; social sites, internet gaming, pornography, youtube, email and internet gambling. Other signs of adrenaline addiction can be found in the network, working conditions, exciting search results and other obsession on the latter day.


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