What did you do for the day to get there and what you want this morning?

"Yesterday is closed observation, tomorrow's praise, today is the only money you have, so spend it wisely."
-Kay Lyons

You have goals, you have the desire to create a better future for yourself and your loved ones, but what have you done today to move you close to creating the future that you say you want really?

Did you take the steps that are necessary to accomplish your goals or were you sitting around the day dreaming about what might be?

While thinking about and organizing your future is important to your success, thoughts and planning are useless if they do not lead to action. People who get where and what they want in life are people who changed their thoughts and actions in action. People who do not meet their goals can generally track their mistakes for lack of action.

You can not just talk about gaining weight, you must exercise and eat properly.

You can not just talk about increasing your sales, you must get a predefined outlook and close more potential.

You can not just talk about becoming financially independent, you have to take on yourself to save and invest.

What you are trying to accomplish is special action, if you do, you get the result you want, if you fail to do that you will probably not achieve your goal. If you are serious in achieving your goals, you will be seriously serious about taking the necessary actions.

"God gives the nuts, but he does not blow them."
– Franz Kafka


What have you been doing or failing so far to make your goals come true? Anyway, decided today is the day you just stop thinking and talking about what you want and start taking the actions that will produce the results you want.

Do not let your head hit the pillow tonight until you have taken at least one action you've been putting off.


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