What causes sexual dependence?

Different factors trigger sexual dependence, otherwise known as sexual effort or sexual persistence. Obsession with sexual constraints is a complex subject, and can hardly be attributed to one's own cause. Sexual addiction is more likely to build up the conditions over time such as early sexual orientation or early exposure of an individual to promote sexual content or behavior, childhood injury during childbirth, physical and / or sexual abuse, abandonment or emotional harm.

Typically, the causes of sexual drugs can be classified into three: biological, psychological and mental.

Biological, biochemical processes in the brain affecting pleasure and reward can cause sexual dependence. Studies show that food, abusive drugs and sexual interests share common processes within the brain & # 39; survival and reward system. Sex and food are quite similar in this sense as they are probably simple and basic human resources. Considering that without the food we would die and without sex we would no longer continue our DNA in the future.

Brain chemistry has created an important payroll system to encourage this goal-oriented behavior. Sex activates natural opioids and dopamine that form urinary tract and euphoria that draw attention to addiction and the likelihood of continued behavior. Interestingly, the modern ideology of the brain shows us that the brain when sexually awake looks almost like a brain under the influence of cocaine. No wonder driving for sex is so high. This can explain why even skilled, intelligent and targeted people can be concerned about recreation in sexual fantasy and looking for sexual "partying". Their hearts have been kidnapped!

Psychologically, sexual addiction has become one way of adapting to physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Most reported sex addicts relate to a history that involves these psychological abuse and trauma. Emotional for sex addict, sex is not really about sex but vehicle to provide deception confirmation, veneer control and connection in a safe environment. The sexual "party" has become a source of pleasure and a way to avoid unpleasant emotions, strategies for dealing with stress, occupational diseases, human, psychological and emotional problems.

Studies show that most sex addicts come from interference. The results show that 72% of sexually abused people were physically abused in the fight, 81% were sexually abused and 97% suspected of abuse. Patrick Carnes & # 39; Research also indicates that 87% of the families of sexually transmitted individuals contained more than one addict in the home, and most of them grew up in a rigid family system, unrelated family system, or both a rigid and unrelated family system. The indicator is that a lot of sexually transmitted people come from families where their emotional needs were not met. They taught themselves to calm and self-medication as a way to withstand a pretty terrible youth experience.

Spiritual sexual addiction provides the illusion that meets comfort, love and security, you can experience beyond God. What did they have to have for God if sexual "fastest" is all they "need"? Addiction becomes God who comforts, loves, or helps the addict's sexual life from the present moment. As long as sex is an option, the addict can live in deception of power and control and it is illegal to make spiritual submission necessary to experience true spiritual experience.

These causes are many and usually overlap according to the circumstances of sex. This is why treatment of sex addicts involves a lot of work and support, not only from the individual but also on their loved ones. Support and encouragement from 12 step-by-step and recovery societies, group treatment and even families and friends all contribute to the treatment of sex addicts and assist the medical system.


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