Understanding Your Brain

Your brain is the most complex organ in the body. It's the captain, responsible for everything your body does, from spirit to thought. Every second, your brain is managing thousands of simultaneous projects that allow you to live and experience the world around you.

Scientists, doctors and scientists throughout history have been living their minds for brain examination, but they have only started scratching the surface when it comes to understanding how this amazing organ works. The study on the brain is called neuroscience or neurology.

To become a creative thinker and succeed in ideas of ideology, you do not really understand how each of the more than 100 billion neurons (neurons) in the brain works, but knowing basics can help you better tap into less used area of ​​the brain to succeed in what you propose to succeed.

There is generally accepted theory that the brain can be divided into two main areas or hemispheres. This theory of left brain / right brain was developed in the early eighties by dr. Roger Sperry of the University of California.

According to the left brain / right brain theory, controls the right side of the brain with creativity. It's more active than the left side when you participate in such creative activities like listening to music, drawing, daydreaming and breathtaking color, graphics, motion and tempo.

However, the brain's brain is good for being creative, but the left brain is great when you think logically, logically, objectively or clearly. Left brain is used more when you use language, writes, trains, solves mathematical problems or wins information. Thus, human thought can be divided into two different modes. As you read this book, you use your left brain more than your right brain because you read the words and work their meaning.

Now take a moment and close your eyes. With your eyes closed, think about your favorite vacation destination, such as the beautiful tropical beach on a hot and sunny day. Can you form the sand, the sea, the hot breeze and the shells in your mind? If so, you just used the right side of the brain! Congratulations, you have the ability to be creative!

When you control the ability to think and become a creative thinker in all areas of life, you definitely want to use your right brain in relation to your left brain, so you can later analyze and enforce them.

Based on research Dr. Sperry said that most people concentrate on using one side of the brain than the other. This may be because some are good at math, for example, while others are creative and artistic, relying on their feelings and emotions to act their actions.

Everyone uses both sides of the brain continually. Ideally, you want to discover how to use both sides of the brain at all times to rely on the actual potential of your brain. Those who use both sides of the brain, without subconscious focus on using their left brain or right brain, are called "holies." This is all that you want to accomplish when you begin to tap into your creativity and begin to develop creative thinking to use in all areas of your life.


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