The Road To Self Improvement

Start your self-esteem by acknowledging the need for improvement.

I have known excellent men over the years who were well. Nobody would argue that they were perfect. Thus, they were always open to improving themselves. And this spiritual action is essential if we reach our maximum, the best we can do.

After that you have to decide what they want to improve. It can be anything from being a better partner, a better parent, to religion, in his career.

Success or failure occurs first from the inside. We must overcome our doubts, our own obstacles, before we can think of success. Living with our own speculation, any risk involved in the success and efforts needed to improve will overcome us. Solomon said, "As one thinks in his heart, so is he." If someone thinks negative at all, that will not be the result.

The second step is to get our thoughts straight. It is necessary to realize that we can do that we can succeed and that we can make the necessary reforms to succeed.

The third is to ignore the slaughter. There may be friends and colleagues who tell you that it will not work. Do not listen. You can succeed in what you're planning, unless it's bad.

Fourth, be strong in faith in self. And just do it. Go for self-esteem, learn them well and make them part of your thinking. Depending on them may mean returning to the school or connecting courses or seeking experts, getting advice and information, believing or not, you may seek information and instruction needed for improvement and add them to your knowledge. Be prepared.

Fifth can be hardest, but now you know it can be done.

I reviewed a small company n Cleveland who wanted to become a supplier. First the owner / operator and I sat in his small office, the only one he had and discussed the deal. After a while, I looked at your shop. We did. I watched the equipment and his staff as they worked. Conclusion, I approved the company. Surprise: The store was dirty. But it became a multi-million business. I imagine that the owner sold it for well over a million dollars. You see that he had managed and like a dirt floor was not going to stop him. He and his original staff had knowledge and used it well.

Using knowledge of yourself can be difficult, but it's easy to realize that he can do anything when he's ready.

Using this knowledge to professionals, being a better partner, being a better ritual, anyway, can withstand resistance at first. But perseverance and persuasion will work.

Internal self-sufficiency is internal and above themselves and no one else. Without life, it becomes easier as you realize that it can be done, because he will pursue it with patience and perseverance until he succuses.


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