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In recent years, a number of public computerized drug addiction has been detected. One of the most disastrous personal prescription stories in recent years is the radio critic Rush Limbaugh. He gained fame, wealth and impact that most would envy, but he is talking about a private devastating prescription prescription.

Rush Limbaugh is a dominant conservative speech therapist and author. About 20 million listeners set the radio show Monday to Friday. He wrote several books that have become bestsellers and have sold millions of copies. His conservative views (including calls for personal responsibility and clean life) and quick intelligence made him a domestic superstar; Many were shocked when it became evident that they were addicted to drugs, themselves.

In October 2003, Palm Beach County filed Police Rush Limbaugh on an illegally black market of prescription drugs. Limbaugh acknowledged that he had become addicted to medication on prescription drugs a few years before, when he went to surgery. The surgery failed and the radio continued to experience unpleasant pain in the lower back and throat. He claimed he looked at the treatment center on two occasions to try to stop using the pain pills.

Although Limbaugh has spoken many times against radio waves, he soon became aware of his problems soon after the stories had broken in other news sites. He did not apologize for his addiction and went to a treatment center for the third and last time.

Rush Limbaugh has since returned to his broadcast, saying he is now drug-addictive, but his experience lost his respect for some of his ex-listeners and gave him disagreement with his hypocrisy.

Although Rush Limbaugh improved relatively quickly from his addiction, he went through a lot of hard time before he could cure his addiction and the serious hearing loss that he suffered was probably the result of the drugs he took. The hearing loss seems to have been sufficient using cochlear transplant. However, many personal prescription drugs do not end up with Limbaugh; Some end up in death.


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