The first step in self-esteem – help yourself

"This guy is a snob". "He is very strong".

"X is stupid". "Y is a cunning like a fox".

These are some examples of warnings that we continue to talk or hear so often in our daily lives. We are always observing and describing others. We are constantly perusing the practices, attributes and characters of each and every person as we collide through out our lives. It is neglected to continue dissociating other people & # 39; behavior, behavior and attributes with their intent, usually finding their shortcomings, loophole and weaknesses, so that we can utilize or manage them for their own sake.

Whenever we meet a new person, the first thought comes to mind, whether he is good or bad, like or not; whether we can benefit from the company or not; whether he or she can serve our worldly interests or not. That is, we have an expectant attitude to evaluate a person based on his ability to serve our interests. Our mind seems to be programmed to track people with a view to choosing their bugs and bugs.

But are we always watching the same way – to find out our bugs, bugs and bugs in our own behavior and nature? We spend most of our lives concentrating on the mind (Chitta) to monitor, evaluate and evaluate others, but should we ever do the same exercise for us once? Probably not and very rarely, if at all.

This is the fundamental issue of all our problems, all pure unhappiness. All spiritual and emotional turmoil, dirt, anxiety and unhappiness that we face throughout our lives is the result of our journey outside of others. We rarely make a trip to us – to know Atman (soul) to understand our own self-esteem, to observe our own behavior towards others. A few times we take the exercise to evaluate and evaluate ourselves. Without this we can not hope for self-sufficiency.

Meditation is the only way to handle this inner journey. When we finally contemplate our outer senses and chitta, our journey begins – in the kingdom of Atman. The Atman is the only guiding principle for our lives. Without we waking up and strengthening, there is no improvement in our lives possible. The strength of Atman can only be achieved through meditation. There is no other way.

Samarpan Meditation (SM), produced by HH Shree Shivkrupanand Swami, along with his international ashram in Dandi, Gujarat, India, is a unique, simple and important way to wake up and strengthen Atman.


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