The Double Life sex addiction

Sex addicts are like you and me, except they are struggling with disorder that gradually consumes more and more of their lives. Because sex addiction causes addicts to constantly increase and increase their sexual depression, they begin to lead a double life. They lead their normal lives best and can live every moment of the day for their addictive lives. Over time, normal life will unravel as addictive life spends more and more time and energy.

For addicts, this issue is deep, haunting secret. They live in constant fear of being caught. Tension, anxiety and stress built up because of the need to live a secret double life. The constraint to engage in sexual behavior becomes increasingly time-consuming, and the addict finds that he needs to step up his behavior to gain a sense of his normal life. Concurrent worsening emotional condition many addicts suffer from serious consequences for two lives.

Relationships suffer from this addiction. When a sex addict lives a double life, he has the tendency to withdraw from everyone, including his partner or life partner. This means that his communication will suffer and in some cases be broken. He who is in touch will find it difficult to understand the change in behavior. Of course, the addict can not explain this change out of fear of showing his double life.

Leading double life often has serious financial consequences. Individuals begin to neglect their duties or can not work well because of participation in sexually addictive behavior by night or morning before they work. In some cases, addicts may even be involved in sexual behavior during work, to harm their duties. All these cases of negligence will eventually compensate and employers will be left without choice but to resign the man. Repeated warnings will not be enough for an addict to stop the negligent behavior from continuing.

Another source of stress and financial burden is caused by the cost of double life as a sex addict. Just like gambling, alcohol and drugs, sex addiction can be very expensive. The cost of porn, sex chat, sex chat lines, prostitutes, strip clubs, adult videos and books and other sexually related products can add to high debts for the sex addict. The pressure to appreciate these costs along with imminent debts will only increase the pressure the addict is experiencing while trying to keep his double life secret.

Over time, this dual life can lead to serious consequences, such as divorce or loss of house. Unfortunately, like any other addiction, an individual must make a decision to seek help and it often takes serious consequences to convince sexual addiction for help. However, when the addict makes that decision, there are many active programs that can lead him to life-long recovery.


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