The Dirty Little Secret of Success

None of the secrets of success will work until you work.

Henry Ford was quoted saying "You can not build a reputation for what you are doing", he was right. You can not fulfill your destiny by talking only and thinking about it; get where and what you want in this life requires you to work for it.

Legendary Green Pack Packers coach Vince Lombardi once said: "Only success comes before work is in the dictionary", where words wherever and ever will be true. Unfortunately, many people today falsely believe that they can catch everything they want in life with the power of positive thoughts alone. Although positive and correct thinking is absolutely essential to success, it's only one part of the broader disciplines that you will learn and learn if you will succeed your goals and goals.

The most important of these articles is work; it is you taking action. Your ability to work as necessary will first and foremost determine your success or failure.

Yes, this is the "unpleasant truth" of performance. YOU must take action, you must get away from you, and you have to work for what you want!

Simply doing is what "understands the rock star from the groups".

The action is what encourages us, action is what is memorable, action is a prerequisite for success. Men and women of action are reiterated and remembered, but these actions are rarely observed and soon forgotten.

Think about this like if you were standing on the sidewalk and there were two cars of exactly the same model and model, one speeding was down to 45 miles per hour and each other was laid, which car would attract you?

Of course, it's impressive because what draws our attention is an action. The most successful people in the world, from Steve Jobs and Apple in the business world to Drew Brees and Kobe Bryant in NFL and NBA; They got everything where they are today because they took action – they put in the work needed to get what they wanted, and so will you too.

When the streams told me I was in a wheelchair, I knew I would never regain my ability to go with thinking just about doing it and hoping it would happen, I had to put in the job. Years of hard work, pain, resentment, struggle, determination and perseverance were the price I had to pay to get what I wanted to go back. I did the job and I got the results.

What's the one you want and what will you do to get it?

Talk time is over, the time for action is over. Choose a day to take action and try to create the future you say you want.

"God sells us all things in the labor market."
-Leonardo da Vinci


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