Surviving rats by using stress training

"The Stress Free Rat"

You know the feeling too well. Sunday night you can not sleep, dreading the next day. Perhaps it is a deadline that is a result or presentation that you are badly prepared for. We've all been there. In many cases, a little too often. So what's the solution? In most cases, we simply ignore the situation and deal with the situation when it introduces itself. Only ensures that the same event happens next day, week or weekend.

There are things you can do to improve the situation and break this unhealthy cycle. We must first overcome the actual emotional feeling that causes our stress, but in most cases it is one of those nasty four letters "Famous words ……. Fear. Fear provides most daily" Joe "bail focus on the Stress Express.

. Fear of the scam

….. Fear of failure

……… Fear of looking bad

Think back about any situation you've always come across where your friend Fear came on a trip. Maybe a presentation you had to give your manager a new way to do things. You have probably emphasized the days before the event. Worried about how you would look out, worry about how you sound. Well guess what you gave the presentation and still lived through it.

We've all heard the term John F Kennedy's great speech in which he gave the famous witness nun.

"The Only Fear Is Fearing."

Such a simple statement. Such an obvious set of words. But just imagine if you removed fear from any case that would be stressful. Want to be better? Do you want to have a happier day before?

Try to remove fear from your next stressful situation and see what happens. You have already tried it the other way around and you know how it turns out.


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