Stress Management – Reaction to stress

Everybody experiences stress at some point in their lives. Indeed, stress is the natural part of life.

Your ability to analyze stress, manage it, cope with it and reduce it wherever possible can greatly affect your life and the lives of those around you. How well you do this will ultimately determine if this effect is for the better or worse.

Types of Stress

There are two main types of stress, good stress (eustress) and bad stress (distress).

Eustress is a positive excitement we experience when we get a work raise, buy a new home, go on holiday or have a child. This type of stress can be useful to us because it can provide motivation and other necessary things to help us grow as individuals.

Emergency is a negative tension caused by things like increased working conditions, running late for dating, financial difficulties or family experiences. Because stress is accumulated (it is built up in our bodies) too much distress can be a bad time for us and can lead to unhappiness, serious illness and even death.

Know your stress.

Stress affects us completely differently. Understanding what causes stress is important if you want to reduce the negative impact on your life. To help you identify stress tests, ask yourself these questions:

o What is stressful to me?

o How does stress affect me?

o When am I most vulnerable to stress?

When you have stress in your life and how and when they affect you, the most first step is to minimize bad stress and negative impact on your life. Remember this old saying, once you've identified the problem, you're half way to find a solution.

Stress management and treatment.

Once you've identified your stressfulness, there are many things you can do to help you cope better and reduce its negative impact. Here are just a few examples:

o Improve your time management skills

o Eat healthy diet

o Keep your exercise plan

o Make some hobbies in your life

o Use relaxation technology [19659002] The best way to to relax.

Relaxation is one of the easiest and best ways to cope with stress and there are many different ways to achieve a relaxed situation. Most relaxation techniques are simple, inexpensive or free, can be done anywhere anytime and does not take much time.








] [ProgressiveRelaxation


Reducing Stress in Your Life

It is difficult to reduce stress if you have not identified the main causes of stress in your life. Once you have identified the causes, you can create an action plan to reduce the strain you experience.

If work is the main reason for stress, for example, talk with your boss about ways to help your work or find a new job. Being around certain people causes stress makes plans to avoid them as much as possible. If a lack of time or money is a major focus on you, keep a course in time or money management, keep your daily and money diary or start planning your time and budget.

Treat well with stress is a three pronged process. First, identify stressors in your life by asking yourself questions and taking note of how you respond to various pressures of life. Next, reduce stress that has accumulated in the body by employing one or more of the existing relaxation methods. Finally, try to remove the main strain of your life wherever you can.


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