Stress Management In 3 Easy Steps

Have you noticed that we usually tend to focus on future events? Usually we focus on the next month's test, the company's next year's structure, "having to buy a house" at some point in life, the presentation that will be next week … and when you have what happens when all of this event will be a fact now? We are usually smart, we get together and we deal with it! Success is inevitable anyway, even though we need to go on a temporary basis. Why do we need to spend countless nights awake to worry about what's coming? How does it help us to get better? Of course, it does not, and we know it all. So we do something about it, let's stop worrying and start living. It's really not that hard. All you need is awareness and will.

Suppose you're already ready to turn off your stress, the key to building awareness is learning your ability to live in modern times. You can not be where you want to be; You can only be where you are!

Living in Now there is a muscle that we must exercise constantly. Here is an easy three-step approach to doing that. Practice it daily and you'll be more and more present and let go of stress as a result:

  1. At the beginning of each day, create goals that relate to how you like this day. Say today that you want to feel good.
  2. Immediately after you set your goals, spend time playing in all five senses: smell something that gives you peace; taste something that gives you peace; look at something that gives you peace; listen to something that gives you peace; Touch something that gives you peace. You can either make this "real" or you can imagine smiling, touch, taste, hearing, and see something peaceful. The brain does not know the difference between doing something real and imagining it, and the body will respond in the same way (ie by escaping from a battle / flight and activating the parasite system that helps us to rest, digest and renew).
  3. Now that you have five ideas, you have changed your state of mind and you may be there. From that space, you can go for your day to enjoy happiness and you are much more likely to complete your tasks successfully.

Remember: Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.


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