Stress Management – Handling talent for couples in uncertain times

Successful management tools are just what couples need in this tumultuous climate. The crisis as we currently have in the financial markets is difficult at all. Lack of knowing how long it will last and what impact families will have on the family places more emphasis on couples. Here are ten tips that help to control stress.

1. It's time to put other things apart and focus on how to get through this crisis.

2. Stay away from fault and criticism. It will keep you in the past. There is always plenty of reason to say: if only you had done that, we would not be in this situation. Such a thought is a court and only important because the situation has changed. The fact is that it's too late to undo what has already happened.

4. Live in the present. This is the only place where you can find solutions.

5. Take the time to explain individual values ​​with each other. You may find that some things matter more to one or the other.

6. Account must be taken of individual values ​​and then determine what matters to you. This will be the foundation for solutions.

7. The crisis may come close to it or it can break them apart if they can not agree on what is important.

8. It's too stressful to work in crossroads. If you find yourself in that condition, return to the drawing board and start by defining what you can both press.

9. Some decisions you may have might be painful but if you have each other & # 39; Supporting it can be an opportunity for growth as a couple.

10. Keep "we'll get through this" attitude. By having a positive attitude you will find solutions for individual situations.


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