Stress Management – Get control of your life

Stress can be defined as an internal condition that may be due to physical demands on the body such as physical exercise, extreme temperature, disease and the like or due to environmental and social circumstances that can be assessed as potentially harmful, uncontrollable, or excluded resources our deal with. On the one hand, it can lead to various physical or physical responses, and on the other hand, psychological reactions such as anxiety, hopelessness, depression, irritability and general feeling of failure to respond to the world can be due to being in a state of stress.

Physical, environmental and social causes of stress are called stressors. This is characterized by the fact that it is so high that they produce a state of overload – we can no longer adapt them; They raise inconsistent tendencies and # 39; in us – both approaching and avoiding certain circumstances and things; They are unmanageable & # 39 ;, it is beyond our control limits. The main causes of stress are; hassle of daily life, stressful events of life such as death of loved ones, failure of school or at work; Environmental issues such as a scary event. Victims of the latter suffer from PTSD, after a stroke. They fall prey to the psychological follow-up of horrific events, resulting in nightmares, flashbacks, the need for exposure to reminders, difficulty concentrating and general response. It may be a workout that is so common today when work-related issues are extremely important for professionals in the field of psychology called industrial or organizational psychology. The reason for stress is present also tolerates very personal parameters of individuals. This means that while some are optimistic while others are pessimistic. Formerly approve, learn and compelled to cope with the problem. They are stress-tolerant; seek social support and show low or no evidence of physical illness due to stress. On the other hand, the later are quick to surrender, denying that stress is present and show more signs of bad health.

Stress Management is a strategy approved by victims of stress that will help them effectively overcome or control stress so that they can learn to cope with it successfully and not to prey for its ill effects. This can be done in a number of ways; Relaxation Training, Use of Social Support and Meditation. Relaxation Training involves physicians who use gradual relaxation of the muscles by training gradually tightening the shoulders, throat and face like this aids to relieve the tight nerves. The use of social support is self-explanatory. This helps people find that they are not alone who can then provide them with immune systems and courage as it reduces the individual's responsibility; Social support also gives people the assurance that, despite losing so much, they still have something to live for and also helps them to see that others have also gone through the same and that it's way out. Meditation is a technique that involves trance situation by directing words or sounds to an object such as a burning candle or a swing movement. In the throat, the person experiences calm, which helps to reduce anxiety. For more information click the link below.


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