Stress Management

Having a mental or religious feeling is taking time away from everyday life and reflecting and trying to find answers to the problems or problems we face. Retreat, or quiet consideration, as a thinking process helps us personally our lives, but can also help us in business. How loud is your office equipment, are you constantly breaking when you try to think about ideas?

Are you encouraged to have enough time for a slow reflection on your working day? Meetings can be very good at opinions and opinions and agreement, but the trap of many organizations is to end in a meeting to discuss what you are discussing about the next meeting and so on and so on and never make decisions.

Peter Drucker said we should: "Follow successful actions with a slight reflection. Have everyone thought about your business or is it a space for people to keep calm?" The need for review built into the design process, ie to have time to "sleep on it"? Have museums been trained in the picture of quieter consideration and is this considered a management process?

How often has the agency decided in a hurry and repent on vacation? If the answer is " Too often! "Then you might be considering implementing this management process better in your business!


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