Stop kapping and start living

Peace and quiet require maintenance. Although it is a natural state, we need to maintain them because of the pressure of society in which we live. Without much external interference, we would usually start to slow down and lower our speed. Unfortunately, we can not change the world overnight, but we can change how we allow the world to affect us.

There are many ways to practice the art of self-esteem. For me, my journey emphasizes the worship and empathy of Christ along with Zen's mind. My Christianity is a gift that gives direction, meaning, and purpose. The exercise in Zen Mind allows me to maintain my own quiet and calm environment. The two, for me, are a combination of worship and direction for my soul and the process of cleansing my mind. They praise each other because one is worship and the other exercise.

A few years ago, I discovered Zen practices while browsing the web. I had never read a blog, but I was interested because of the name. I started reading, discovered good advice and wisdom and have been subscribing since. I am now following a few blogs that all relate to the same basic theme of self-improvement and spiritual growth. One of the main problems people seem to be struggling with is trying to slow down and enjoy life more. It sounds simple enough, but it can take a lifetime to figure out.

America's direction refers to and state of the world's economy, it's great to slow down and start discovering treasures we've missed by moving too fast. To do that, we must learn to get out of competition and start living effectively.

There is a lot of good advice on how to get more out of life – I have chosen some areas that have helped me stop competing and start living.


" The man who has begun to live seriously inside begins to live simply without." -Ernest Hemingway

It & # 39; Only my opinion, but I feel more surrounded and the more we need to deal with – the less chance we have to find true peace and quiet. Simplification needs to take place. We need to get rid of excess – in most areas as possible.

I spent a few years in Japan; where I initially founded an interest in Zen practice. Something that impressed me by many (not all), Japanese was how they held a simple lifestyle following the city's clusters. They could do it because they kept it simple – and they had a priority. They kept their own space simple, bought on the basis of quality instead of quantity, not overused, emphasizing their living conditions, taking into account the impact they would have on their minds. By living simple lives, they can work well, think with clarity and their creativity blossom. Simplicity less gives a better life – the way of life every day is artistic expression.

Slow Down

" This is the way of heaven: Your task, then go back quietly." – Lao Tzu

In order to live full and successful life, we must learn to slow down. Taking a lifestyles is very small and destroys a lot. Many health problems today arise because the pressure people make is best and work at all costs. The sad thing is, we learn through childhood that we have to compete, climb and work. The problem with this philosophy is to be so focused on goals and achievements, we completely miss the experience of the trip. Days rush from one mission to the next go blurred, the days turn to weeks, then months and then years. It will be a habit, and the life span is wasted without actually living.

By learning to slow down, focus on only one task, finish it with quality, take it easy to enjoy our creations and move on to the next. This may seem like archeology in society today as multitasking is considered a talent. However, I have heard of no one who has tried both ways and not been more productive, with better quality, with simple tasks. I prefer to do less, at a faster rate than doing more inferior work at the heel level. It's a demanding, but rewarding change to do.

Live With Your Own Value

To reject constant bombings of all kinds of media, tell us how to live and consume – takes a lot of courage. Much of our culture is based on consumption and image maintenance at all costs. They tell us what our value should be, what our image should be and what products we should buy to create this image. By falling into this trap, people increase their lives, which are obsessive, to become something they never become and are never meant to end up frustrating. Too much will never be enough for them. I actually know someone who is forced to maintain a picture that he swallowed elderly women out of his life, went to prison for it, and when he came out, he went back to the old route. He is a slave of false values.

If we live by our own values, we are our own superior in every way. We have a clear understanding of what the purpose and purpose are. Every aspect of our lives is easier to control because we base our decisions and choices on our own principals. We live from within, instead of outside. We influence the world instead of the world affecting us.

Laugh yourself:

Other than Christ, I can not think of anyone who has always made life perfect. We all seem to make more mistakes than we do right. I think it's just a part of human nature. So driving to perfection is timeless, the race will never be finished – it goes fast in the right direction that matters. So when a mistake happens, and we screw up; and what? We can laugh ourselves and continue. We learn from mistakes; They are building sites of success.

Be Childhood:

Children have it all figured out. Everything is an amazing adventure; They look every day like the universe is about to start all-just for them. Instead of teaching children to grow, I think we need to learn from children how to grow down. Growing up spells out of everything, we must remember what our mind was like when we were children and recovering these magic.

I believe Jesus said that we need to be like little children because they are free from judgment, their minds are open, their thoughts are pure and they can change direction at the moment. Children do not view the truth in life; They just believe and do it. They keep it simple.

While learning to stop racing and start living and making our lives what they were supposed to be, remember : Be happy without a doubt!


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