Stop addiction

How to stop addiction, and stop letting drugs control your life.

You do not control your life when you have a drug, and YES, alcohol is a drug, though you might think you are totally in control. Stop addiction? "One could say." I have no addiction to stop.

You may think:

· I work well and make a decent salary.

· I have a home and family that I have.

· I'm not in the street asking for

money and then buying a drug or maybe a bottle of broth.

Or maybe you're thinking:

· I do drugs because I want, not because I need it.

· It's a social thing.

· I can handle it.

Well, here's the strict truth …

Just because you're an active addict does not mean there's no problem there. If you need to drink or even a glass of wine or some mind to change the medicine just for fun or fellowship. If you come up in the morning and you need to do drugs to do it through your working day. Then no, you are NOT in control of your life and there are problems to deal with.

You are like other addicts who know they are addicts and are stuck in their addiction and do not look out.

Addicts need drugs just to work or have fun. It does not matter where we came from or what drugs we do or have done, or how good we have. Addiction can happen to someone.

Are you wondering who I am and how I know about this?

I am a 47 year old recovery drug drug. Drugs and alcohol had control over my life for 31 of those years. I was flying high on self-control, in the self-killing state, and I found recovery just in time to save my life.

I've been clean and sober for almost four and a half years now. Drugs and alcohol led me through pain and survival through many trauma. In addition, I was in and out of prison most often than I remember. Drugs and alcohol no longer control my life. I am living proof that recovery is possible for those who truly want it. And I'm living a life that I thought would never be possible.

I am currently an author and I have a future without drugs. I escaped that trap and now I'm living, not just there. I lived in hell the most of my life, but I climbed the way out. And I want to share with anyone who does not care about listening, how I got clean and have been able to continue.

Believe me when I say that drugs control your regime. For example; They control who we think our friends are. In our addiction, our friends are people we only carry out in bars, or we sell drugs or buy drugs. They are people who would sell their mother to receive drugs. They are people we want to have nothing to do if we were not addicted to drugs. Medicines also control what kind of jobs we can get because when we apply for a job most jobs do drug and alcohol tests before they can hire you. Most of us have criminal records that keep us from getting jobs we want. Drugs and alcohol make us lie, cheat and steal. The list goes on and over again.

In my addiction I became trapped, I did not know how to live without drugs. This reality was just an illusion. I felt only stuck because I knew no other way to live. I did not know how to put my hand out and ask for help. In my recovery, however, I learned that we have choices and have the freedom to choose. Want to live? Or do we just want to end and end the painful life we ​​get from our addiction? It's a way to get out of the trap and stop addiction from controlling our lives.

If you have a problem with drugs and alcohol and your feeling attached to your addiction, I want to give you advice that has worked for me and has proved very effective for millions of people to stop addiction and learn a new and wonderful lifestyle.

First of all, we must realize that we have a problem. Then realize that we can not do this alone. For some of us, like myself, it is necessary to go into a rehabilitation plan for a residence to get clean and continue recovery with 12-step meetings after graduating. It's very important that when we decide we want to recover we have to go to a 12-step meeting on a regular basis. This is where we start learning a new way of living and also learning that we are not alone.

We start making new friends, we learn that we must break all relationships with our "friends" who use or drink. Please do not fool yourself thinking that you can hang around "friends" who are still using or drinking and not because you can pick up. This is just another illusion; It's just a matter of time before you use or drink again. If you have decided that you want to recover and your "friends" do not feel the same. You must stay away from them for your own protection and recovery. It's important to put recovery first above all. If they truly are your friends, they will be happy for you and understand. Once they've seen how much your life changes for the better, they could just join you on your road to recovery.

But if they become mad at you to make your decision and try to make you drink or indulge in some drugs with them, they will not have your interests at heart and you will definitely know they were never your friends to to start with.

I've met some of the best people I know about recovery and I've found a friendship that lasts a lifetime. I mean real friends who want to be there for me no matter what. People who truly care about me, people like myself, know where I come from and it will be the same way for you.

When you first start downloading a meeting, you may find a little uncomfortable. It's normal to feel that way but when you go to a meeting you will have new friends and you will start looking forward to meeting. It is as it is for most of us. If you continue to attend a meeting, do what is suggested and do not pick up, no matter what your life will be. Once you've heard other stories, you said you're not alone. We are all looking for the same. Freedom from active addiction. When I first came to the program, I had a trust. Most of my life in my addiction, I found myself trying to trust unconvincing people and was convinced that I could not trust myself. In recovery, however, I began to cure the issues of trust and have then learned to trust again. You must start testing relationships with other recovered addicts and you may just be surprised at how easy it is to find good friends, people like you who do not use. Recovery has been a lot of fun for me. We do many features together. I was welcomed to a new family in recovery and I get love and support from all of them.

When we go to some meetings, we find someone of the same sex that encourages us, we ask them to strengthen us when we start to recover. Do not be anxious to ask somebody to strengthen you when we support someone who helps us as much as it helps those we sponsored. It is always honorable when a woman asks me to strengthen her. Many of us when we got into the program, have great pain and grief to get through. The 12-step are diagrams of our recovery. Our supporters will guide us by working the steps. We learn a new way of living by applying spiritual schools to our daily lives. We learn to accept our past and let it go. As we begin our journey on the way to recovery, we learn to live life on our own. We feel pain, and we'll lose it. We find our feelings and we allow them to leave. We cure from our past and continue. Our lives are worth and we lose obsession to use. We are going in our future and start living a better life.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, get help and stop figuring out your life. If you really want to live without active addiction. You can do that by making a decision and reaching a 12-stage program. Take back your life. Stop addiction!


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