September is a self-esteem – what are you doing about it?

Automatic Improving. We all want to be better and do better, but few of us take the time to work on ourselves. That's what this September review is about – making time for you. Sometimes time is available in itself, but if you evaluate yourself and your self-esteem, you will do it. Some schedule time for themselves as they would schedule an appointment with someone else. Others arrive earlier or schedule time at the end of the day. Do whatever is easy for you or it will not work. The most important thing is to be committed to taking your own self-recovery this month.

The next thing is to find out what you can do to take part in self-esteem. Here are some ideas:

  1. Start by writing a guess. A guide magazine has started the sentences you answer and it is designed to help you explore your thoughts and opinions so that you get a better understanding of what makes you "tick". Try the Discovery Journal available through lulu. The method of writing and reflecting will give you a great insight and help you decide what you want to do to make improvements.
  2. Select no more than three areas you want to work on. Three will be enough to keep you busy for the month of September. If you want to choose more then you can certainly do that. Write down your choices and create goals for each. What do you want at the end of the month regarding each of them. Be clean what it will look and feel like. What must you do differently, what do you say and think?
  3. Make sure that each of your goals is consistent with your values ​​and opinions. If they are not then customize them so that they are. If you do not, you will never achieve your goals happily.
  4. Create a vision of each goal and place them somewhere, which you will see often to remind you that you are on your way to new behavior. Every time you look at your visual word, say yourself: "I'm glad I'm on my way to being ….." There will be a mantra or confirmation for each of your goals and will help keep Focus on and attract the changes you want.
  5. Get to work. Introduce an action plan to accomplish each of your goals and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate once you have achieved them.


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