Self-sufficiency: Independent expectations are truly a matter of personal choice

In conversation with customers, I realized that he had been enrolled at the university premiere for just 12 hours instead of the standard 15. The university level was 12 hours was an estimated workload because 12 hours were very difficult even for bright young people man. Since the father was also a former university who learned 15 to 18 hours, did he ask me what I thought? My answer would be to ask the following question at the university: "If you expect my son to be 4 years old for 4 years or about 120 hours, how can he achieve this goal when he registers only in 24th anniversary?

On my way back to my office, I recalled the self-proclaimed prophecy as Robert Merton noted in his 1957 work Social Theory and Social Structure. Merton defined this term as when false definitions about the situation provoke a new behavior that makes the original false idea fulfilled . " In simpler terms, when expectations are made, regardless of Whether it's a fact or not, we will as human beings take measures in line with those expectations.

For my clients, if he did not challenge the University's hope, his son would take 6 years to complete a 4-year degree. Also, his son would believe that 40 hours of work week was very difficult and then would do actions to support those faiths.

My thoughts then turned me into play G. Bernard Shaws Pygmalion when very wise Eliza Doolittle was explaining the self-pessimistic prophecy of Pickering, the Professor Friend The difference between a woman and a flower girl is not how she behaves , but how it is treated. I will always have a flower girl to Professor Higgins because he has always treated me like a flower girl and always, but I know I can be a woman because you are always with me as a woman and will always .

What are the expectations of others and even themselves about predicting their own mistakes or future success? Expectations are simply our thoughts. systems reflected in our attitudes or what some have called in thought terms. Each day, this feeling can give us momentum to reach higher and further or can be 500 pound weight that draws us into deep holes where darkness is everywhere.

Again, the answer is one choice. You can choose to expect more from yourself you and others and you can not choose. For me there is only one choice. What are you choosing?


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