Self-sufficiency: A 3-part approach

Often times I think about personal development and self-improvement in a number of ways. Nowadays it looks like there is a "magic bullet" approach to making life transformation. We need to realize that self-esteem and personal development have some things. For example, during workout, if we only concentrate on one muscle group, only this muscle group will be developed so that other muscle groups get sick. Taking a productive step towards self-esteem is multifaceted and requires the same, if not more disciplined than exercise. My call is that you sign up where you are in life and take measures, even smaller, every day to realize your goals and improve your own quality of life from the following perspectives:

1. Emotional – Evaluate the quality of human relations and ask yourself the following questions:

– Are the relationships I'm involved in making a positive contribution to my life?

– Can I trust the people with what I maintain human relationships?

-What have I done well to foster my current relationships and grow new?

2. Cognitive – Assess your intellectual identity and consider the following: –

– What unique skills did I assume I could teach others?

-What new information have I learned to study?

– How can I increase my knowledge base?

3. Physical – what is your ability to date; consider the following:

-How often do I have to take part in physical activity?

– What sports or other physical activity would I enjoy participating in?

-How do I know that would also take part in sports or other activities?

When you answer these questions to yourself, the answers will give you the basics to improve your overall quality of life. I urge you to write down your answers and then list another kind of action and describe the actions you take towards each of these goals. Be sure to allocate yourself a "maturity" for each action so you can keep track of your progress without this precious "tool" easily losing momentum and focus. As positive results start to become apparent in the above criteria, you find it easier to establish certain goals and steps in other areas of your life. Finally, do not be surprised by this, but work daily, at a glance, towards your own goals. Always remember, the power is within you to change your life for the better. Live well and keep moving!


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