Self-motivation: Design your destiny with positive habits

Every (and I mean EVERY) human potential success coach from
the most famous to a little known conclusion, the practices hold
the key to success or failure.

According to the dictionary, the habit of winning patterns
is a behavior that has become almost involuntary due to frequent repetitions

Our practices prescribe the quality of life we ​​experience. If you
postpone, speak negative to yourself and allow fear to hire
you're having a very stressful life like anxiety anxiety
and sadness. I know, because that's where I'm from.

The key to creating positive positive results in every field of your life,
must first begin to change how you think before you change
how you work.

Here are three bad practices that affect us the most
sometime in our lives.

1. Fear (Yes, Fear Is Used!)

It is said that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real and
after a lifetime that faces almost all the fears that I can think of
fear of success, fear of failure, fear of letting me be me …

I can tell you to be sure that living in fear is what is the best practice
of all them. It is the root of all other bad habits such as smoking, overheating, addiction, etc. (Fear's Enemy
Inspiration and Encouragement.)

No matter what changes you want to make in your life you are
going to feel some kind of fear. But I can tell
the experience that the secret is to find fear and do something at once.
Action defeated fear!

2. Negative self-talk

I'm also guilty of this self-imposed punishment as well.
I have come to discover that people are in fact
fulfilling prophecies and that our thoughts are important.

The problem is that most of us do not use a negative
self-talk, it ends up becoming more like a mantra or a sign we

For example:

I called myself a lot of things, procrastinator, fat,
shy and I'd follow up when someone scored me
with the reinforcement, "That & # 39 I'm just as I am. "

Although I thought I was just kidding me, I realized
after many years of unconscious repetition that negative suicide
was one of the main things that kept me from following
my heart and create the life of my dreams.

3. Extension

Until a few months you could see this word in the
dictionary and see my picture. I would hit the night
in the evening to not go through a call or
article. I would wait until the last moment to do anything,
became so stressed that I was not entertaining to be around.

Overcoming the negative practice of postponement can truly
change your life. When you learn to take action as soon as the
mood strikes when the feeling is gone, find
just a few weeks of inspired action you've started making
something of value. Practice something with awareness and
specific plans for 21 days and you will be surprised. I promise!

It's worth taking steps to change practices that have been
to keep you from living a richer and more adequate life. If I can
do it anybody can.

My teacher 6th leg pulled me into the hall with my hair, looked me
in my eye, pounded my fingers and told me I was stupid
and would never do anything … [19659002] See Mr. McCarthy, I'm not stupid.

© Andy Thompson – All Rights Reserved


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