Self Improvement – Time, Retirement

You have worked all your life and now you are looking forward to retirement. How will you spend your time?

Many people have not created a balance in their lives between work and play, so when they are free time or retired, they do not know what to do with their time. If you no longer need to work, or you are working less, here are five areas that you can keep in mind as to how you spend your time.

Physical Health

Consider going to a gym, going to a regular exercise program, taking a sport, taking a dance and / or learning yoga or tai chi. Younger years can be filled with aliveness if you take excellent care of your health.

Do some research on nutrition and learn how to make healthy meals. There are many good books about achieving high health even in later years. You could have many years to live so you could also learn how to live them in an important and healthy way!

Emotional and Spiritual Growth

If you have not paid much attention to your emotional and mental health – for the journey in your soul – it is now good to do it. Now you have the time to read excellent and inspiring books to achieve inner peace and joy. You have time to attend lectures, workshops and courses to cure the view that may limit you, connect with your personal spiritual guidance and take loving about yourself and share your love with others.

If you've never been intrusive and take time to get to know yourself at the inner level, now is a great time!

Giving to Others

Perfect people in life are those who find ways to give others and the planet. If you have to work hard in your entire life, you might not have time to volunteer or find other ways to help. Now you have time to explore what ways to really give you joy. Want to enjoy volunteers on day care, share your love with little people? Do you want to become part of a group of counselors, support others to be all they can be? Do you want to get involved in groups that help the environment, help homeless, help injured women and injured families or help abusive children? Maybe you would love to take part in supporting the art?

There are many adequate ways to give and now you have the opportunity to discover what ways to bring you joy.


Engaging in creative activities is one of the most adequate ways to spend time. What have you ever wanted to learn to do? Do you want to learn to draw, paint or make ceramic pots? Do you want to learn to work in a wood, carving or making furniture? Have you ever wanted to try your hand writing, sometimes writing poetry, novel or script? Do you want to be a good chef? Perhaps you want to learn more about interior design and home decorations? Maybe you want to create a beautiful garden or learn about flower arrangements? Have you ever wanted to learn more about jewelery, texting, needle, sewing or knitting?

Now, it's great to discover what creative activity is your inner peace and joy.


You may find that your physical activities – golf, bowling and so on are ways you play. Or your creative activities can be the ways you play. You may also want to find other ways to play such as playing board games, cards or making puzzles. You could enjoy computer games or many games available through the TV.

Do not let your free time be boring and inadequate. If you do not have to work, you have great opportunities to develop yourself in many ways!


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