Self-Improvement – There is no achievement without Jesus Christ

Once there lived a young man. This young man was very religious. He followed the scriptures and rules of the Church. The young man was expected to have a great future in the church.

Yes, the young man was there when Stephen was stoned to death. And the young man supports this murder. You see, Stephen had been part of a group of "Passers". The young man despised these "people on the road." They were teaching people the wrong way (so the young man thought). The young man was so jealous for his people that he could go to Damascus to find and capture these "people on the road". He would then bring them back to Jerusalem where they were hopefully carried out.

The young man started his journey down the road to Damascus. Suddenly there was a blinding light on the road. The light was so bright that it beat a young man to the ground. As he was trying to see the light of heaven, he heard a voice that said to him, "Saul, Saul, why are you ignoring me?"

Afraid and blind, young Saul answered, "Why, who are you, sir?"

"I am Jesus." The one you are persecuting, "said the voice.

The time that Saul lived forever. He began to believe that these" people on the road ", also known as Christians, believed the truth. Jesus was somehow God's Son , Messiah, Christ. Saul poured his life into Jesus Christ and was saved for his sins. By changing the state of his heart, young Saul was transformed into the apostle Paul and became the greatest evangelist of Jesus Christ to live.

You can also reach success in Christ Jesus. Just trust him and follow his way in your life.


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