Self-Improvement – The Golden Rule For Effective Living & High Self-Esteem

Living the Golden Rule is a sign of positive self-esteem: "Deal with others as you want them to do with you." (The Bible)

The gold rule is all about love. Love for ourselves and love for other people. But how can we truly follow the Golden Rule if we do not love us? Well, the truth is that it was very difficult. If people would treat themselves like dirt then what would keep them from treating other people in the same way? If they do not respect themselves, how can they show respect for other people?

I believe in self esteem and obedience is the key to living the Golden Rule. Confidence because we all need to learn to love and believe in ourselves. Obedience because we all need to obey Jesus & # 39; commands on how to love people including ourselves. Jesus said, "Love your enemies." He also said, "Love your neighbor like yourself." Unfortunately, many enemies are by themselves. In this situation, people need to obey God by compelling themselves to love themselves. Simply be good to you. Most of us know how to be stranger to strangers. We need to treat ourselves the same way. Over time, you will begin to love yourself and your neighbor like yourself.

We can learn from a sweet story about her six-year-old and four-year-old brother. One day, these two children became an argument. Long ago, the two children began to interrupt each other. The mother ran into the room, screaming: "Children, you are leaving this moment! Be well with each other!

Six years old looked at his mother and shouted:" Yes, mom, but he did it to me first. "

Yes, we have to do with others but since this child made her mistake, she did not understand what we should do with others. What we should do is love. Love God, ourselves and other people. . If we simply love, we are fulfilling the Golden Rule.


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