Self-Improvement – Constant Improvement is a success

Success is constantly improving to be your best because you have what you have. Dr Mike Murdock says: "What you have today is enough to create everything else you will want in the future." Life is growing. Do not be satisfied with the status quo. Always look for improvements. It does not matter how well we could already be; we can be better. We can learn more. We can improve. That is the goal: improvement with growth.

Thomas Edison described how he was driven twice. Mr. "I was driven twice." The first time I was when I was a network operator. But I forgot all the messages that were coming over the wire, and I understand a lot of messages unsent and undelivered. "Of course they dropped me, and I did not teach them."

With his chuckle and smile on his face, Mr. Edison continued: "Then I got a job at the office, and there was a lot of rats feared with the dead cliff walls, and they did it!" [19659002] Life and success are about improvements. Improving ourselves and improving our environment. What can you add today? What new can you learn? What new action can you take today that will change your life for the better? The answers to these questions are a roadmap for the future.


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