Self Improvement – clutter – clear your files

If you are wondering whether to register a specific paper or e-document, answer the following questions:

Is it useful?

Could I easily get this information somewhere else if needed?

What is its useful life?

Can you store it on a CD or other digital media?

These questions will stimulate your thoughts about the criteria you use to determine what items you should list and what to throw. Develop your criteria to decide what to save and how long.

It's harder to get "deadwood" items from files and folders, but it was to save them in the first place. To stop file cleanup, select "Destroy" date for registered items that do not have a continuous useful life. It helps ensure their timely removal. The destruction icon, "D / month / day / year", penciled on the upper corner of the document, shows that on or after the day someone found the item in a file or folder should destroy it. Writing three to five words that describes why the item was saved often helps. Write a similar meaning to your e-documents whenever possible; add usage guidelines or set automatically delete dates if the software allows you.

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