Self Improvement – Challenge the Comfort Zone and build trust with 4 exercises

Building your trust by demanding your comfort zone can be fun. For many, they are stuck in the ribs of life and when it happens you can not build trust because you never try anything new.

There are many simple steps you can take that will build your confidence and challenge your comfort. Here are 4 steps or exercises you can do this week to build your confidence.

1. Eye contact. Many today do not make eyelashes as much as they should, and many will not even look at you in the eye, much less your face. A great way to build trust is to try to keep in touch with someone longer than you are used to. This sounds so easy, but you have to try it. You will find it difficult to leave your comfort area, but when you get into a simple habit of keeping your eye catcher you will feel better.

2. Sitting in front of meetings. Most people sit in their backs wherever they go. From classrooms to government offices it looks like people are obsessed with sitting back in the room. The next time you need to go to a meeting, sit in the front row, get used to standing out of the crowd. At first when you do this exercise it will seem like everyone is watching you, but that's good. It takes you out of your comfort zone and will build more trust.

3. Speak up more often. Many people in meetings do not say words and speak only when speaking. This exercise is another great way to get out of your comfort area. Nothing makes you weaker than putting your personal ideas on the table for discussion.

4. Smile big. This is one of my favorite favorite training tools. Not only does you feel better when you smile, but people will begin to wonder what's happening to you. Not only will you stand out by doing this, people will start talking about why you're smiling all the time. Nobody needs to know the real reason, just you!

These four exercises are all simple to do but will build your confidence. Once you've tested these exercises to score your comfort, you'll feel confident about your self-esteem.


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