Self Improvement Advice – Take Your Eyes Off Yourself

Have you thought about how much money Americans spend every year on self-esteem? In 2005, $ 1.14 billion was spent on self-sustained books. It does not mention the advice we seek from the internet, courses, doctors, counselors, preachers, and even psychologists. Obviously, we have come to the conclusion that we need help, so why are not we getting better?

We know we need self-help for more than eating, smoking, alcoholism, abusive relationships, food damage, family abuse, pornography … the list goes on forever. Indeed, the longer we appear on the list of problems, the more tips we need! We are focusing on a laundry list of cases, nitpicking us to death and spending millions of dollars looking for self-explanations on every particular issue. My advice is STOP!

Is this a very good advice? You know it is. All our issues come from deep inside, so why not focus on the inner self and forget about the laundry list? What you're deep in goes 100% of what you bring in your mind. Your parents, teachers, and peers fed your inner self when you were a child. Now you feed your inner self with what you read, heard and seen. This is called spiritual food and it may well be time for you to change your diet!

You are what you eat, both physically and mentally. If you have heard negative, harmful words throughout your life, you have negative, harmful thoughts. If you have been rejected and wounded, you are filled with painful, terrible thoughts. Sometimes this internal pain comes out. All these ugly words appear in your life. Then, what are you doing? You put "stuff" that appeared on your laundry list. You start trying to work down the list and turn off bad habits and behaviors once and for all.

Again, I advise you to stop! Instead, look deep into you and learn more about what's there. More importantly, consider who put it there. Is your inner self based on obstacles that love wisdom, which gives you a solid and stable foundation. Or is your inner self based on some negative words of pain and anger and leaving you weak on your knees?

Change your spiritual diet. Feed yourself with the love of God's wisdom every day. Think of his words, contemplate them that day. This will give you new, healthy thoughts. It will give you a new inner self. His words will appear in your life and the issues in the laundry list will fall away one by one. That will eliminate our need to spend $ 1.14 billion on self-sufficiency books every year! (Wow! Just imagine what we could do for the famine by $ 1.14 billion!)


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