Self Improvement – 7 share your plan for a better life

You see it every day. Celebrity marriages fail left and right, and not just their relationship; It seems to be all in his life. Celebrity seems to have everything, but do they actually?

If you look like me, you might probably look more about these people. After all, they often occur as vain, shallow and narcissistic. They seem to have it so easy and still seems they want to blow it all down to drain rather than enjoy what they have. It is very hard to be sympathetic. However, I think we can learn from their lives and not make the same mistakes.

I believe that, despite the fact that these people are rich in financial terms, they are "financially bankrupt" in all areas of life that matter. This includes health, relationships and their lives in general. That's why you see so much anorexia / bulemia, alcoholism and drug abuse, and breaking the boundaries.

You can avoid making these mistakes in your life and find real happiness by doing the following steps. You can perform every step for seven days. This will put you along the way to have the life you want. Ask yourself these questions to help you get started.

1. Do you know your purpose?

You may have a small way in your life now. You may even be away from where you really want to be in your life. Depending on your belief system, as this is a truly spiritual question, you may find it difficult to answer this question. You can look forward to your life to help you answer this question.

Do you know what your passion and talent are? What are you very good at? What do you like to do? Think back about situations where you were doing something that you really liked. By nagging down your passion and abilities, you can go further and look at the wishes of the heart. This will help you answer this question and go towards live purpose.

2. What are your values?

What is very important to you? What matters most to you in your life? Do you need to change your values ​​to bring them in line with what you really want?

In his book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," T. Harv Eker says that some have lost a comparison of love and money. Love and money are actually apples and oranges.

Although love is important, it will not pay your bills. Therefore, you really need to look at values ​​that could not serve you when you answer this question.

I was living in a home where I was taught that "money is the root of all evil." Unfortunately, this value is not only wrong, it is an incorrect interpretation. ("The love of money is the root of all evil.")

The goal is this, your values ​​are important. However, you need to be realistic and if you have values ​​that do not serve you, you need to change them. They are important. When you know, do list. Then you can use these values ​​to see what matches your passion and interests. This will eventually lead you to what you want.

3. What do you really need?

I do not just mean money here either. What about your relationships? What about your health? Are you really doing what you need to do to take care of yourself?

This might be a special example, but I think it's worth thinking about. An example of insufficient needs is an offensive relationship. You may be in a relationship where you are abused. Deep down, maybe you think you understand it, or you can not see it. Perhaps in some perverse ways, you must meet the needs.

However, is this really good for you? You have to think about it. You have to think about what you really need to be happy. To get the life you want. If you are in a bad relationship or work environment where you feel as if you are destroying, maybe it's time to change. If you want to get what you want, then you need to take care of yourself. If you have insufficient needs, you will not be happy.

4. What are your passion?

I spoke about this earlier in the question of purpose. However, it is worth mentioning again. What are you passionate about?

Maybe you want to take care of children, or you're having a hassle that you just feel like you could do 24 hours a day. Anyway, you need to write it down and then try to find a way to turn that passion into a career. If you are now suffering from a lack of interest, or life just does not feel like it's all you want to be, it's because you're not doing what you want to do. What you need to do. Find your passion and then honor them. It's the only way to be who you want to be, in addition to really enjoying your life.

5. Do you live inside or outside?

Many people think that if they had more money, or they had the right partner, or if they had this or that, they would be happy. They believe that by changing external circumstances, it will change their internal circumstances.

Here's the Problem with this Thoughts: If you were not happy with yourself as you were before you got the big wage or dream girl or whatever you want, you will not be happy when you have it. It will always be this inner desire. You must first believe that you deserve to have whatever you want.

That's one of the reasons so many in Hollywood are dissatisfied. First, things were wrong, and secondly, they did not change who they were inside.

6. What are your strengths?

This question refers not only to particular talents but also to positive hits. We all have a positive impact on whether it is good with our hands, with vivid imagination, or to be good and compassionate towards others.

You should write down at least three of these and then compare them with your passion. Searching overlap between these two areas will help you to point out your purpose. This will put you one step closer to your ideal life because you will know what you need to do to live the life you dream about. Once you know what you are good at and you start doing it, you get a lot of confidence by sharing what you know.

7. Do you serve others?

One of my mother's always taught me is that there's always someone else out there who's worse than you do. Now, at the scene, this wisdom could be a little sick. After all, thinking that others are worse than we do, it seems to be a way to make us better at the cost of others.

But that's not what you're doing. What this method can do is help you explore your strength, your passion and your skills to see how you can serve others. When you serve others, the work you do will take a new meaning and purpose.

It's not about feeling better about yourself at the expense of others. It's about recognizing the ingredient that is often missing from getting what you want out of life. This is where Hollywood is wrong and that's why you see so much crap there. If they took a stand to serve others with their entertainment, ie. helping others get what they want, instead of their own self-fulfillment, they would find much more happiness. Happiness is for purpose.

Insert these tips into your life and find a life of meaning and purpose. Life you've always dreamed of.


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