Self Improvement – 7 Days to "Better You"

More often than not, television stars are described as the perfect people who have no flaws and live a glamorous adventure life without worrying about money or anything else for that matter. I think time is boring for us to stop living in the imagination world and begin to live in real life. Self Improvement should not be based on what or who we see on our favorite TV show, and in fact, I think a lot of TV today is actually teaching bad values ​​and not those who are making you a better person. Just a little thought!

It's so easy to lose our self-esteem today and sometimes more than ever before. We really need to take steps again, keeping in mind that regardless of what can happen in our lives, we should never lose our self-awareness because it's completely invaluable.

You might be asking yourself what does it take to be above the crowd? Below is a list that should help answer this very important question. Take time every day next week and write the answers to these questions. You will be surprised at how much this exercise will help!

1. Leave your purpose in life!
Do you live in your life, expect things to be better and greet, happiness and wealth show you are in your presence with little or no effort on your part? Take the time to identify what your primary goal in life is based on your fundamentals and work on these purposes and values.

This may sound like a big company but trust me when I say, when you can clean it, everything will feel so much easier than without. It can sometimes be this clarity that puts you away from the life you've only dreamed of until now!

2. Know your values ​​
What things do you most respect in life? Take some time to write down what you consider to be your Top 5 or 6 value. These values ​​can range from financial freedom, family and health, respect for peers, or even spiritual development. Make sure that when you set your 2011 goal to check them and make sure they are consistent with your core values. If this is not the case, you really want to take a step back and review your goals to make sure they are consistent with your values.

The size and number of goals you should come up with should definitely not help you, but should give you a new interest in getting to the ground to begin your life.

3. Understand your needs!
Without fulfilling your needs, you cheat yourself to live a life of reliability. You must first take care of yourself before anything or anyone else. Your needs may be necessary to respect, be dear, to acknowledge your loved ones just to name a few. Too much today people can wonder in their lives, never know what their dreams are, let them reach them and this can go up and leave you and even put you in a deep state of depression. Before it's too late, list your 3-5 best needs so that you have at least a better idea of ​​where to start.

4. What are your passion?
Only you understand who you are and what makes you happy in life. Double in yourself and lack of interest can only occur as obstacles but never let them take you along the way to be the one you really want to be. Look around and ask yourself who encourages you and start expressing yourself in a way that sets you closer to being like those who encourage you.

5. Live From The Inside
Make it a workforce to reflect and become aware of your inner thoughts, thoughts that contribute to what you want to be. Stay with nature. A great way to calm your troubled mind is to breathe deeply. Many of us are so busy in our daily lives, that we find it difficult to stay alone, even in our homes. I like to sit in a dark room without noise without finding music soothing to calm your mind. Music has been inspired by many to help them calm their minds and think better.

6. Know what your strengths are and honor them!
Everyone has positive effects and special abilities that are unique. What special talent do you have? Think well and list your 3 strengths and if this looks difficult, ask those closest to you and they might be surprised by some great answers you have not thought of on your own. You might be clever, funny or good with your hands for example. If you can express who you have your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses, this will go a long way in your life. You can increase your confidence when you can share what you know with others.

7. Take the time to help others.
When you go out to help others, you'll find that you're in a sense of well-being. Living for a particular purpose and being true to who you are, along with sharing this with others, puts you in an incredible position to share your spirit and essence. Sharing your strengths with those closest to you will of course be very rewarding. This rewarding feeling can be multiplied when you share with a foreigner who has genuine gratitude for what you have given them.

When everything is said and done with self-improvement is a very rewarding experience. You should not limit it to common areas like work and home but expand the horizons and share it outside of these positions every day. The ability to improve us lies within us and how much effort we are prepared to put into the process. How bad do you want a better life is the question? If you really want it, you will take the necessary steps to accomplish it.


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